About class attendance

We use a program called ‘SEAtS’ to log and track student class attendance.

Attendance tracking lets your lecturer know that you were present in class. If we notice that you’re not coming to class, we may get in touch with you to see if you are okay and if there is anything that we can do to help you.

How to log your attendance in class

There are three ways to log your class attendance: swipe your ID card, use the SEAtS app or tell your lecturer.

You can only log your attendance with your ID card or the app 10 minutes prior to your class starting and 10 minutes prior to it ending.

If you are running late and cannot check-in, please let your lecturer know at the end of your class.

Swipe your student ID card

Tap your student ID card on the card reader in your classroom.

  • The card readers can be sensitive, you may need to separate your ID from other cards.
  • We have card readers in most classrooms, they are black panels located near the door.
  • If your student ID card doesn’t work or it you have lost your ID card go to Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero) for help. Note: there is a fee for a replacement student ID card

Use the SEAtS app

When in class, open the SEAtS app to check-in – Bluetooth must be on and confirmation may take a few minutes.

  • If you need wifi, connect to free student wifi.
  • Check your regional settings are set to New Zealand.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of your phone’s operating system.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the SEAtS app.

Tell your lecturer

Please use your ID card or the SEAtS app in the first instance.

If you are not able to use the card reader or app, please let your lecturer know you are in class.

If you are outside the class for a lesson, your lecturer will have a class attendance register.

How to download the SEAtS app

Download the 'SEAtS' app onto your phone.
Download for Apple iPhone
Download for Android phones

Log into the 'SEAtS’ app with your Unitec email address (username@myunitec.ac.nz) and password.

Note: If you notice the wording ‘Not Yet Enrolled’ on your app, please ignore this, it is there so we can add you to future classes

Need help? Contact us

If you are having technical issues:

Call our IT Help Desk on 0800 27 54 67 or email itsupport@unitec.ac.nz

Visit the team at Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero)