Elective courses are listed below, but not all of them are offered every semester, so it’s really important to check with the relevant department first. You also need to find out what the entry requirements are, and how many credits you can gain towards your qualification.

If you're a Unitec student and you're studying an undergraduate degree you may be able to take an elective course from another degree programme as part of your qualification.

If you're not a Unitec student but would like to study a course over a full semester and you meet the admission requirements and pre-requisites you can apply to do the course as a Certificate of Proficiency.

Note: 'extra electives' are also referred to as 'global electives'.

Elective courses on offer (subject to change)

Architecture & Context (ARCH5011)
Critical Studies 1 (ARCH5311)
Critical Studies 2 (ARCH6311)

Digital Marketing (BSNS6363)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (BSNS7575)
Social Media Marketing (BSNS7474)

Community Studies
Advanced Social Practice Theory (CSTU7923)
Advocacy (CSTU6232)
Child Protection Studies (CSTU6237)
Community Development (CSTU6236)
Creative Social Practice (CSTU6239)
Disabilities and Mental Health (CSTU6238)
Discourses of Social Practice (CSTU6233)
Fields of Practice (CSTU5163)
Foundations of Social Practice (CSTU5166)
Gender Studies (CSTU6235)
Introduction to Counselling (CSTU7918)
Just Practice (CSTU7926)
Management and Organisational Change (CSTU7925)
Professional Practice (CSTU6234)
Research Methods (CSTU7917)
Ripene Tahi (CSTU5167)
Risk Assessment (CSTU6231)
Social Policy (CSTU7914)
Social Practice in Action (CSTU7913)
Social Practice Practicum 1 (CSTU7922)
Social Practice Practicum 2 (CSTU7924)
Social Practice with Migrant and Refugee Background Communities (CSTU5164)
Talanoa Pasifika (CSTU5168)
Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Social Practice in Aotearoa/New Zealand (CSTU7986)
Whanau/Family and Social Practice (CSTU5165)

Computing and Information Technology
Hardware Fundamentals (ISCG5400)
Introduction to Databases (ISCG5423)
Networking Fundamentals (ISCG5403)
Operating System Fundamentals (ISCG5401)

Building Services (CONS6008)
Construction Communications and Documentation (CONS5506)
Development and Finance (CONS6906)
Economic Principles (CONS5812)
Industry Project Part 1 (CONS7821)
Industry Project Part 2 (CONS7822)
Measurement and Estimation 1 (CONS6201)
Measurement and Estimation 2 (CONS6202)
People Management (CONS7515)
Planning and Organisation 1 (CONS6401)
Professional Business Management (CONS7820)
Property and Construction Law (CONS5818)
Property Valuation (CONS6907)
Team Management (CONS5505)
Technical Fundamentals (CONS5504)
Technology 1 (CONS5101)
Technology 2 (CONS5102)
Technology 3 (CONS5103)
Technology 4 (CONS6104)

Advanced Professional Experience (EDUC7007)
Advanced Professional Experience (EDUC7008)
Informed Professional Experience (EDUC6007)
Informed Professional Experience (EDUC6008)
Introduction to Professional Experience (EDUC5007)
Teachers as Partners (EDUC5006)

English and Applied Linguistics
English for Specific Purposes (EAPL5155)
Listening in Academic Contexts (EAPL5151)
Reading in Academic Contexts (EAPL5153)
Speaking in Academic Contexts (EAPL5152)
Writing in Academic Contexts (EAPL5154)

Landscape Theory (LAND7115)
Life Drawing (LAND6013)
Negotiated Study (Study Tour) (LAND7001)
Plants and Ecology (LAND5050)
Representation (LAND5113)

Natural Science
Advanced Field Surveying of New Zealand Biota (NSCI7105)
Animal Breeding and Nutrition (NSCI6737)
Animal Clinical Care (NSCI5705)
Animal Health and Welfare (NSCI6732)
Anthrozoology (NSCI7103)
Applied Animal Behaviour Science (NSCI7106)
Behavioural Ecology (NSCI6739)
Captive Wild Animal Management (NSCI6738)
Companion Animal Behaviour (NSCI6731)
Concepts in Biodiversity (NSCI6735)
Contemporary Issues in Biology (NSCI5734)
Diversity of Life: Animals (NSCI5103)
Diversity of Life: Plants and Fungi (NSCI5101)
Earth Processes (NSCI5730)
Ecological Evaluation and Management (NSCI6745)
Ecological Risk and its Mitigation (NSCI6746)
Geographic Information Systems (NSCI6743)
Global Issues in Animal Welfare (NSCI7101)
Introduction to Animal Behaviour and Welfare (NSCI5702)
Molecular Genetics and Evolution (NSCI6748)
One Health (NSCI7421)
Practicum (NSCI6744)
Principles of Animal Husbandry (NSCI5738)
Principles of Biology (NSCI5104)
Principles of Ecology (NSCI5731)
Research Methods (NSCI6730)
Science and Society (NSCI5735)
Techniques in Field Biology (NSCI5740)

Performing and Screen Arts
Contextual Studies 1 (PASA5903)
History of Cinema (PASA5961)
History of Dance (PASA5921)
History of Theatre (PASA5911)
Negotiated Creative Project 1 (PASA6605)
Negotiated Creative Project 2 (PASA7605)
Playmaking (PASA7231)