What is an Assessment of Prior Learning?

Unitec qualifications are designed to prepare you for a career in industry. If you have already worked in your chosen industry or if you have skills and knowledge which are highly relevant to that industry, you may be eligible for formal recognition by way of an APL, reducing how long it will take to finish your study. This process is called ‘Assessment’ of your ‘Prior Learning’ (APL), Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), or sometimes Recognition of Current Competence (RCC).

Do you qualify for an Assessment of Prior Learning?

Anyone can apply for a APL, however you’ll only be successful if you meet certain criteria. Although each application is unique, here are two general questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you (or have you been) in a role that is also performed by people who have a related qualification?
  • Have you been (or were you) in that role for long enough (usually 2-4 years) to be considered ‘experienced’?

If you answered ‘YES’ to both those questions, there is a high likelihood that APL would be an option for you, therefore we encourage you to follow the steps below. 

Note: An Assessment of Prior Learning can cost between $500.00 to $2,500.00. If you qualify for an APL you can potentially save thousands, so just make sure you’re confident you meet the above criteria.

How do you apply?

The process is simple. 

Note: We recommend applying for the programme you want to study at the same time as applying for an APL, as this means you'll be able to choose the courses you really need.

Step 1: Fill out the following Inquiry Form, where we ask you about your past experience and/or qualification. Once you have filled out the form we'll contact you to discuss how closely your experience and/or qualification matches what is being taught in your area of interest.

Assessment form

Step 2: If it looks like you may be able to cross-credit your experience and/or qualifications, then we'll give you the option of formally assessing your prior learning. It will usually take several weeks to organise your evidence to then have it evaluated.

Note: An Assessment of Prior Learning can cost between $500 to $2,500, dependent on the number of courses you apply for. 

Step 3: After sufficient evidence has been evaluated for the assessors to come to a decision, the result will be processed by Unitec. The course(s) in question will then be added to your Academic Record.

If you want to discuss your Assessment of Prior Learning with a staff member before enrolling, contact our APL Manager during business hours on +64 9 892 8585.


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