Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The PASS programme connects students with a PASS leader who can help develop and improve study skills plus more. A pass leader is a senior student who has completed the course with at least a B+ grade.

PASS leaders provide support in two ways:

  1. Weekly study sessions
  2. In‐class support during scheduled class time.

Attend a PASS session

Check courses with PASS sessions. If PASS is available for your course, you can attend at the time and location listed.

Courses with PASS sessions

How can PASS help me?

Participating in PASS can help you with:

  • Understanding and reviewing weekly lectures
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of course content
  • Providing a safe space to be able to ask questions
  • Developing or improving study skills
  • Building a support network with other students
  • Transitioning into tertiary study

Student feedback

What students valued from their PASS sessions:

“Discussing ideas from the class with the other students and gaining a deeper understanding of the subject.”—Year 1 student, Bachelor of Business

“The leader makes you comfortable enough to ask questions.” —Year 1 student, NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology

“Guided me throughout the question and explained alternative ways to answer the question.”—Semester 1 student, NZ Certificate in Information Technology

“Having someone relatable in class who has recently done well in the course I’m in"—Year 1 student, NZ Diploma in Engineering (Civil)

Become a PASS Leader

As a PASS leader, you'll have the opportunity to support students in your programme of study and share your passion for a subject. At the same time, you'll reinforce your own understanding and develop your leadership and communication skills. The Unitec | Te Pukenga PASS team will support you in your work. These positions are paid.

View position description for PASS leader (PDF, 277KB) »

If you are interested in becoming a PASS Leader, and have passed your course with a B+ grade or higher, read the position description and speak with your School or contact the PASS team about how you can get involved.

Contact us

If you have any further queries, please feel free to email the PASS team:

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