It can be a real disappointment to fail a paper, but we are here to help you succeed, so let’s get you back to class.

Redoing the course

To redo the course, you will first need to find out when the course is next being taught.

If the course is being taught in the next semester, we strongly recommended you apply to repeat the course, especially if it is a compulsory course for your programme.

If the course is not in the next semester, you may need to wait until the following year.

Redoing the course may impact what other courses you can take. For example, if the course is a prerequisite for other courses in your programme, it may impact what courses you can take next semester. You may need to study part time at some point to finish your programme.


When you know what semester the course is available, you can re-enrol or submit a Change of Enrolment.

If the same course has been failed twice, you will need to complete a Third Time Enrolment Form.

If you want to do more than four courses in a semester, you will need to complete an Application to Study Five Courses.

Help is available

Creating a new study plan can be tricky and sometimes confusing. It can involve timetables, course offerings, pre-requisites, programme renewals, speaking with the Academic Programme Manager (APM), StudyLink, Visa, etc.

Our team at Student Central can provide advice about what needs to be done, and if you need to speak to the APM.

Help is available, talk with our Student Central team today.