What does a Class Rep do?

A Class Rep act as a voice for students of their class and year. They work as liaisons between their classmates, the Student Council, and staff at Unitec. They have an important role which makes a big difference to day-to-day student life. In particular Class Reps can help with a range of issues within a programme and can give student opinion to the lecturer or the programme committee to ensure that the education you are getting is of top quality. They can also raise issues and ideas with the Student Council and be your liaison with any other groups within Unitec.

Become a Class Rep

Nominations for Class Reps are sought at the beginning of each semester. All Class Reps undergo training with the Student Council. During the year Class Reps attend regular meetings, help organise student social activities or events, and maintain good communication channels with classmates through Facebook, etc. If your interested in becoming a Class Rep send the team an email.