How to log in to your Student Portal (MyPortal)

The student portal is where you can re-enrol, pay fees, view your timetable, update your contact details, see your academic results, and more. Learn more about Student Portal.

Login to Student Portal (MyPortal)

How to log in to Student Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Click login
  3. Enter your Unitec student email ( and password

How to log into your Moodle account

Moodle is the system used by lecturers and students to share and access course content and resources. Learn more about Moodle.

Login to Moodle

How to find your timetable

How to find your timetable when you are enrolled for classes. You will need to have access to your Student Portal (MyPortal) to be able to see your timetable. Learn more about your timetable.

Login to Student Portal to see your timetable

How to re-enrol

You can re-enrol by going through your Student Portal. Learn more about re-enrolling.

Login to Student Portal to re-enrol

How to change enrolment

You can request to make a change to your enrolment, including changing a class time, dropping a course or adding a new course online.

For help changing your enrolment, go to our change enrolment page

Change your enrolment