Our commitment to you

We endeavour to ensure that student complaints are resolved fairly, promptly and through an easy to follow process.  You will be kept informed at each step of the process.

Want to resolve your complaint informally

We encourage you, wherever possible, to resolve issues before you take the more formal route. 

  • International students
    • If you are an international student please take all individual concerns and issues to an International Student Support Advisor in the first instance to ensure the speediest resolution. You can book this meeting online (http://guides.unitec.ac.nz/internationalhelp)  or via Ask Me team in person at the Ask Me/Library desk, or by phoning Ask Me on 0800 10 75 10, or emailing library@unitec.ac.nz
    • If your class has a concern then the student class representative can help you raise this with the lecturer, academic leader or head of school 
  • Domestic students
    • You (or your class representative) can take any concerns about your course delivery or assessment of your papers to your Lecturer, Academic Leader, Head of School.
    • Student Support Advisor Advisor can assist you in resolving any of your concerns informally or guide you through the formal process.

How to make a formal complaint

Before making a formal complaint, take a few moments to read through our Student Complaints Resolution Policy and Student Complaints Resolution Procedures.

Student Complaints Resolution Policy (PDF, 227KB) »
Student Complaints Resolution Procedures (PDF, 232KB) »

Make a complaint

There are two steps to making a complaint:

  1. Download and fill out the Notice of Formal Complaint Form below
  2. Email the form to studentcomplaint@unitec.ac.nz  

Student Notice of Formal Complaint Form (PDF, 140KB) »

We encourage you to seek advice and/or guidance before submitting a formal complaint

How the formal complaint process works

Below outlines the process that happens when your complaint is submitted.

From the submission of your complaint:

  1. You will be sent a confirmation email from the Complaints Administrator that your complaint has been received.
  2. An Investigator will be assigned to your complaint and they will introduce themselves to you.  
  3. The Investigator, where possible, will arrange a time to meet with you. You are encouraged to bring a support person with you to this meeting.
  4. The Investigator will look into your complaint and will provide you with updates on their progress.
  5. You will receive the decision about your complaint.
  6.  At this stage, you can either accept the decision or make an appeal.

For timings and further details about the process, please make sure to read the Student Complaints Resolution Procedures.

Not satisfied with the formal complaints outcome 

If you would like to appeal the decision that has been made, fill out the Notice of Appeal form and email it to studentcomplaint@unitec.ac.nz.

Notice of Appeal Form (PDF, KB) »

Additional information for International Students

In addition to the above, International Students can also seek the support of iStudent Complaints. An independent dispute resolutions scheme established by the New Zealand Government to encourage swift settlement of contractual and financial disputes between International Students and their education providers. For more information visit their website.

As an International student you should be aware of these policies; Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, and International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme Rules 2016.

Need advice, support, or guidance?

You may find it helpful to discuss your concerns with one of the following support services before making a complaint:

Student Support Advisors are available to provide guidance  and support around informal and formal complaints.

As an International Student you can seek the support and guidance of your International Student Advisors. You’ll need to make an appointment to see them, visit their page to find out how.

STUDENT COUNCIL (Te Kaunihera Akonga o Wairaka)
For further support you can also contact your Student Council, Te Kaunihera Akonga o Wairaka. Connect with your Student Reps, visit the Student Voice page to find out how.

There are a number of kaiāwhina and Māori support staff available to support and guide you though your studies. For more information on what support is available to Māori students, visit our Student Support for Māori page.
Our Pae Arahi is responsible for providing support and guidance for the institution in terms of tikanga Māori and bicultural issues, and is available for students as well. 

Our Pacific staff at the Pacific Centre offer a range of cultural, academic, and personal support to you while you study. For more information on this dedicated support service visit the Pacific Centre page.  

Additional Information