What is an Affected Performance Consideration (APC) Form?

We understand that circumstances beyond your immediate control can happen. To ensure your academic progress is not impacted by these circumstances, you can apply for an Affected Performance Consideration (APC). Note that this was previously known as Special Assessment Circumstances (SAC).

Please note: the Affected Performance Consideration form replaces the Special Assessment Circumstances form.You may find it helpful to discuss your application with one of our support services at the bottom of the page.

When can I apply for an APC?

You can apply for Affected Performance Consideration (APC) if:

  1. You are/were unable to attend an examination, compulsory assessment or fixed time and place assessment activity due to illness, injury, bereavement or other critical circumstances.
  2. Your preparation for, or performance in an examination or any summative assessment has been seriously impaired due to circumstances beyond your control.

How to apply for an APC

Below you will find the steps on how to apply for an APC. You must apply within five working days after the due date of your assessment for it to be considered. 

Before applying, we encourage you to check with your course guide or lecturer about getting an extension if possible.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Read the Affected Performance Consideration Form 
  2. Complete Part One of the form
  3. Gather appropriate supporting documents
  4. Email this form together with supporting evidence to tkk@unitec.ac.nz 

Your supporting documents must contain the contact details of the person/organisation named in the document.

Affected Performance Consideration (APC) Form (PDF, 195 KB) »

How the APC process works

Once you have submitted your APC request, your Academic Programme manager will review it and will notify you directly of the outcome.

Not satisfied with the APC outcome

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can request for the Programme Academic Quality Committee (PAQC) to reconsider this decision.

If you would like to appeal the decision that has been made by PAQC, fill out the Notice of Appeal form and email it to resolutions@unitec.ac.nz.

Notice of Appeal Form (PDF, 65 KB) »

Need advice, support, or guidance? (click to expand)

You may find it helpful to discuss your application with one of the following support services before applying:

Student Support Advisors are available to provide guidance and support around informal and formal complaints. Visit their page to book an appointment with the team

As an International Student you can seek the support and guidance of your International Student Advisors. You'll need to make an appointment to see them, visit their page to find out how.

STUDENT COUNCIL (Te Kaunihera Akonga o Wairaka)
For further support you can also contact your Student Council, Te Kaunihera Akonga o Wairaka. Connect with your Student Reps, visit the Student Voice page to find out how.