Special Assessment Circumstances (SAC) is available for:

  • Students whose performance in tests, exams, assignments and labs is affected by factors beyond their control, or
  • Missed assessment deadlines and missed exams (or if you think that you will miss deadlines).

To apply for Special Assessment Circumstances (SAC), download and complete the SAC application form and return it to Student Central.

Note: You should complete the SAC form fully and return it accompanied with a medical certificate or documentary evidence to Student Central no later than the length of extension time requested OR 5 working days (whichever is the least), after the due date of the summative assessment.

The SAC form is accepted via email, but students will need to come in to Student Central and provide the original copy of the medical certificate or other document. If  the student is unable to make it to Student Central then someone else can submit it on their behalf, however the form should be completed and signed by the student themselves.

For more detailed information, please see our Student Forms page.