Unitec recognizes this, and wants to support new international students in their educational journeys. In light of this, we will be offering an international study grant of up to $5,000 to our international learners in 2022 academic year.

Eligibility for International Study Grant 

This grant is applicable to international students who are new to Unitec or who are progressing to a higher-level qualification within Unitec (e.g. Bachelor's to Master’s or Certificate to Bachelor’s), and are studying a Bachelor’s, Postgraduate Diploma or Masters programmes.

Applying for the grant

If you apply before July 25, 2022 for semester 2 for an eligible programme, or before November 7, 2022 for Semester 2B (Master of Applied Business only) the grant will be applied automatically and you will not need to do anything more. The grant will be included in your offer letter. If you have already applied for any of the eligible programs, we will be in touch with an update on your application.  

For more details, email: agents@unitec.ac.nz

List of eligible programmes






Environmental and Animal Sciences



Creative Industries

Social Work

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to a grant offered by Unitec.  By submitting an application, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  

The International Study Grant

  1. The grant is known as the International Student Study Grant (“the grant”).
  2. The purpose of the grant is to support International students commencing full time study at Unitec in 2022.  
  3. Unitec shall award one grant per successful applicant the value of which will be applied equally over two semesters in 2022.  
  4. The maximum value of the grant to be applied for a student commencing:
    1. a Bachelor’s programme is $5,000;
    2. a Master’s programme is $5,000; or  
    3. a Postgraduate Diploma programme is $2,500.  
  5. All values are expressed in New Zealand Dollars and are inclusive of GST.  


Applicants for the grant must:  

  1. be an International Student (as defined by section 10(1) of the Education and Training Act 2020);
  2. be a new or progressing student at Unitec (i.e., not re-enrolling at Unitec) applying for full time study in 2022;  
  3. have applied, and met the entry requirements for the applicant’s programme of study (as set out in the programme regulations);  
  4. be accepted into the programme on a full-time basis (and continue to be a full-time student throughout the 2022 academic year – please note, eligibility will be excluded if you reduce to part-time study); and
  5. be accepted into the programme no later than:  
    1. 22 February 2022 for study in semester 1; and  
    2. 25 July 2022 for study in semester 2.  

Students are not eligible and cannot apply for the grant if:  

  1. they are in recipient of another grant, scholarship, award or other concession from Unitec;  
  2. they are studying towards certificate, diploma, graduate diploma programmes at Unitec;  
  3. Unitec’s assessment of their application for the grant involves an assessment of prior learning (APL) and cross credits;  
  4. they are studying on a part time basis (including where a student commences full time study and then reduces this to part time. In such a situation the student waives their right to the grant and will be liable for the payment of remaining fees. Any withdrawal will be subject to Unitec’s Admission, Enrolment and Fees Policy, Fees & Refund Procedures).

Application process  

  1. No application is required for the grant other than successfully enrolling as a new or progressing student in 2022 in the Bachelors, Masters or Postgraduate Diploma programme.  
  2. Unitec is not responsible for misdirected entries and takes no responsibility for any entries not correctly lodged.  
  3. Unitec reserves the right to request from any applicant any additional information that it may consider necessary for determining eligibility for the grant.  
  4. Unitec has complete discretion in assessing applications for the grant.
  5. Unitec’s decision is final and binding, and no further correspondence will be entered into once a decision has been made.  

Next steps after application submission 

  1. Unitec will send a letter of offer to the successful applicant:  
    1. advising of the offer of place in the student’s programme;  
    2. applying the grant to the student’s fees;  
    3. setting out the remaining fees to be paid; and  
    4. providing a date for acceptance of the grant.   
  2. The grant must be accepted by the date indicated in the letter of offer.  If the successful applicant declines or does not take up the grant, Unitec may offer the grant to another person.  
  3. The grant must be taken in 2022.  No deferrals will be accepted.  
  4. The grant is not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.