What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an academic support programme led by senior students. The programme supports students with their studies through weekly study groups, or one-to-one support in lectures, classes, or tutorials in a friendly environment.

How PASS works?

The PASS programme is facilitated by a trained PASS Leaders, who is a senior student, who has successfully passed the course and are knowledgeable in the course content.

There are two ways in which PASS is delivered:

  1. Weekly study sessions facilitated by a PASS Leader
  2. In-class support where a PASS Leader will support a lecturer during scheduled class times

You don't need to sign up for PASS, if it is available within your course you are encouraged to attend or use the support available.

2021 PASS sessions

You can refer to our current list to get an idea of PASS courses

How can PASS help me?

Participating in PASS can help you with:

  • Understanding and reviewing weekly lectures
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of course content
  • Providing a safe space to be able to ask questions
  • Developing or improving study skills
  • Building a support network with other students
  • Transitioning into tertiary study

Make sure to check with your lecturer to see if PASS is being delivered within your course.

Student feedback:

  • Addressed my need/concern/question
  • Guided me to solve a problem when I got stuck
  • Helped me keep on track with what the lecturer wanted
  • Gained a deeper understanding of the course content
  • More confident and prepared for my future career pathway
  • Learnt to work alongside students from diverse cultures and backgrounds

How to become a PASS Leader?

As a PASS Leader, you’ll act as a mentor to the students. You’ll need to direct the students to undertake course-specific activities or address their queries according to PASS principles. This is a paid position and will help you develop effective leadership and interpersonal skills that you can take with you in your future career. It also looks good on your CV!

To be selected by your School you must:

  • Achieve B+ or higher grade in a course your School wants to run PASS in
  • Have excellent time management and organisational skills
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Attend compulsory training for new PASS Leaders

View position description for PASS leader (PDF, 169KB) »

If you are interested in becoming a PASS Leader, speak with the Academic Programme Manager in your School about how you can get involved.

2021 PASS Leader training dates:

  • Semester two: TBA

Contact us

If you have any queries please email pass@unitec.ac.nz

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