Concerned about exam grade

If you have concerns that your exam grade is not correct, you can use the options below to address this concern.

You will need to be able to articulate clearly why you consider your grade to be incorrect and have a reasonable basis for claiming this. 

You can ask for assistance and support from Student Support at any time about this issue.

Talk with your lecturer

In the first instance, it is recommended that you raise any issue with your lecturer so that steps can be taken to resolve your concerns informally.

Request exam script

You can request a photocopy of any of your exam scripts after they have been marked at no additional cost. Some courses will allow you to view exam script, please contact your lecturer to see if this is an option.

Request for Exam Script Online Form »

Request recount

If you think you have found an error in the addition of the marks on your exam script, you can apply to have your exam script recounted - this is not a re-marking of your exam script, it is a recount of the marks.

You must apply for a recount within 15 days of receiving your result notification. 

A lecturer will check the marking has been correctly added up. 

It will cost $25 (incl GST) for each exam script recount.

Request for Recount Online Form »

Reconsideration of exam grade

Find out more about how to submit an application to have your grade reconsidered.