Find class times before you apply

To see what your timetable may be like before you are enrolled, you will need to go to the course pages of our website. We do not have a quick lookup system for timetables before you enrol.

To find class times:

  1. Go to the website page for the programme you want to study
  2. On the programme page, scroll down to the ‘Courses and timetables’ section
  3. Open the course page
  4. On the course page, scroll down to see the class times

If class times are not on our website

If class times are not on the course page of our website, it may be because it is too soon before classes start, and the class time hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Sometimes the timetables are not available because a course is only taught in semester 1 or 2.

We usually publish the timetables for next year, in the second half of this year (from August).

If you need help while you are enrolling, please contact us.

Your timetable when you are enrolled

When you are enrolled as a student, you will have access to your Student Portal account. When you are logged in to your Student Portal, you will be able to see your timetable.

Learn more about Student Portal.

Learn how to find your timetable when you are enrolled.

Need help? Contact us

If you need help finding your timetable or classroom, contact us: