Who is a domestic student

According to the Education Act, a domestic student is a person who is:

a) A New Zealand Citizen or

b) The holder of a residence class visa granted under the Immigration Act 2009 who satisfies the criteria (if any) prescribed by regulations made  under subsection (4) or

c) A person of a class or description of person required by the Minister, by notice in the Gazette, to be treated as if they are not international  students.

For more information, please see the New Zealand Ministry of Education's definition of a Domestic student.

Not sure if you are a domestic or international student

It depends on what your current visa status is.

If you are on a resident visa or a permanent resident visa, or if you are a resident/citizen of Australia, you will be classified as a domestic student and domestic fees apply.

If you have a resident visa - you are eligible to apply as a domestic student. However, if you are wanting to apply for a Student Loan to pay your fees you will only be eligible for this once you become a permanent resident and have held it for 3 years or more. To check your eligibility for Student Loans go to StudyLink’s website.

If you are currently on a work visa, student visa or a visitor visa, you will be classified as an international student and international fees will apply. 

Living in NZ / onshore international student

Your visa status determines if you are a domestic or international student, and therefore pay domestic or international fees.

It is not determined by how long you have lived in New Zealand or if you were living here before you enrolled.

International students, irrespective of being onshore or offshore, pay international fees that are set for the specific programme or courses.