Citizenship or permanent residency documentation

As part of your application to study at Unitec, you need to provide evidence of your legal name, date of birth, and citizenship or permanent residency status in New Zealand. 

You are required to have this document certified, learn how to certify your document.

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents 

We require a copy of one of these forms of ID: 

  • A New Zealand birth certificate. 
  • The photo page of a New Zealand passport. 
  • A New Zealand certificate of citizenship. 
  • A passport with a current returning residency class visa (a passport with a visa label). 
  • A passport, and letter or email, confirming current returning residency class visa (label-less visa, followed by confirmation with Immigration New Zealand, where appropriate). 
  • A certificate of identity from Immigration New Zealand, if you are a refugee. 
  • A Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue Birth Certificate along with a current New Zealand residency visa. 

If you are not able to provide one of the documents above: 

  • If you are a New Zealand citizen and are unable to obtain a birth certificate for proof of citizenship, contact the Tertiary Education Commission to confirm that a whakapapa statement signed by both yourself and a kaumatua is acceptable evidence of citizenship. 

Australian citizens and permanent residents 

Provide a copy of one of these: 

  • An Australian birth certificate issued before 20 August 1986. 
  • An Australian passport. 
  • A passport with a current Australian resident return visa. 

Expired passports

  • Domestic student - An expired passport can be used if you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen or permanent resident. The residency stamp must be valid or indefinite.
  • International student, offshore - An expired passport can be used for your application. A valid passport and visa must be presented to Unitec during orientation.
  • International student, onshore - An expired passport is not accepted. International onshore students must have a valid passport with a valid Visa.

Not a NZ or Australia citizen or resident

If you have a New Zealand resident visa or a permanent resident visa, or if you are a resident/citizen of Australia, you will be classified as a domestic student. 

If you have a work visa, student visa or a visitor visa for New Zealand, you will be classified as an international student. 

How to complete this task in your Enrolment Dashboard

  1. Take a colour photo or scan of your certified document (make sure it is a good copy that is easy to read). 
  2. Login to your Enrolment Dashboard
  3. Click ‘Action Needed’ for the ‘Citizenship or Residency Documentation’ task. 
  4. Upload the file or photo of your document. 

Visit us on campus for help 

You can visit us at Student Central on campus (Mt Albert or Waitākere) for help with this task. Bring the original documents with you, and we will scan and upload them for you.

Student Central location and opening hours.