Certify a document

When applying to study at Unitec, and sometimes when you are a student, you will be asked to provide a certified copy of your documents.

What it means to certify a document

You need to take your original document, for example a birth certificate or academic transcript, to an authorised person to certify.

The authorised person makes a copy of your original document, and then signs the copy. By doing this, they are confirming that the copy is a true copy of your original.

The authorised person does not change the original.

When you are asked to provide a certified copy, you provide Unitec with the signed copy, and you keep the original.

Certify a document on campus

Our staff will copy, certify and scan a document for you.

You can bring your original document to Student Central on campus (Mt Albert or Waitākere). 

Student Central location and opening hours

Certify a document off campus 

You can take your original document to an authorised person, and they will certify the document for you. 
Authorised people who can certify your document:  
If you live in a remote community, you can ask:
  • School Principal.
  • Kaumātua.
  • Religious Minister.
  • General Practitioner (Doctor).

COVID-19 restrictions and certifying your documents

In most circumstances, we will expect to be provided with a certified copy of your documents in person. However, if you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 we can provide an online service.

You can book an online Zoom appointment with one of our Student Central team, and during the meeting show them your documents.

Note: You may be asked to provide the original or a certified copy at a later date.