Find short courses

Short courses range in length from a few days to a few weeks, and are held at our Mt Albert or Waitākere campus, see list of short courses and workshops.

If you would like to study a course over a full semester that is usually part of a Unitec programme, you can do so by applying for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP).

Apply for a short course

You can apply for most courses online, but there are some exceptions, please check the instructions on the course page.

When you apply, it can be helpful to include the short course code (e.g. TTEC S174) and class number (e.g. 3070) from the short course web page in your application.

Provide proof of citizenship or residency

You will need to provide proof of your New Zealand or Australian citizenship or residency as part of enrolling for a short course, learn how to provide proof of citizenship or residency.

If you have supplied Unitec with these documents before, you may not need to do it again unless you have changed your name or residency status.

Pay for a short course

Some short courses can be paid by credit card and for others we will send an invoice, please check the instructions on the course page.

If you can’t apply for your course online, or you are an international student, or you don’t want to pay by credit card, you need to download and print a Short Course Application Form (PDF). Completed application forms can be submitted and paid with EFTPOS at Student Central on campus.

Cancellation of short course

If there are not enough enrolments, Unitec reserves the right to cancel a short course. If this happens, fees will be reimbursed.

Withdraw from a short course

If you can no longer attend your short course, please let us know as soon as possible, contact us.