Logging in to campus computers

To log in to computers on campus, enter your Unitec username (the first part of your Unitec email, eg smithj01) and password.

Saving files when using campus computers

You cannot save files to these computers or customise the computer - student computers are cleared of any locally stored files every night. 

To save files, you will need to use your Microsoft Office 365 account or a data stick.

Save to your Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive

You can save your work to your Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive – when you save your work here, you can access it from any computer with internet access. Microsoft Office 365 is free for the duration of your studies and OneDrive has 1TB of storage space. Learn how to get Microsoft Office 365.


The easiest way to print is to save your work to a data stick (USB). See instructions for Printing and photocopying.

Software on campus computers

Whenever you log into a Unitec PC, you will be using a Windows 10 platform. All Unitec student machines have MS Office 2016 (Access, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Word), Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox installed as standard. Other applications are only available to students who need them for their specific study needs.

Apple MAC devices
The Unitec MAC computers can only be accessed if your study course requires you to use them. They also have Office 2016 suite of apps.

Virtual desktops
Virtual Desktops are available in some labs and in the common areas of Te Puna. These machines have no hard drives but give you access to the same applications as regular Unitec PC’s.

Internet usage

Internet access is free when using campus computers. When using Unitec computers, internet usage is logged and monitored for inappropriate use.

Need help?

For log in help, contact our IT Help Desk, call 0800275467 or email itsupport@unitec.ac.nz

For help using computers, see our friendly teams at the Libary Ask Me Desk, or at Student Central.