Some students need their transcripts to apply for jobs, to apply to another University, or to show to potential employers. If you need an Official Transcript before the graduation date, please request an academic transcript using this form. Processing of the form will be done when payment has been received.

Please note:

  • If you studied prior to the year 2000, records are sometimes incomplete. We may not be able to provide a replacement testamur (certificate) or a complete official academic record (transcript). Requests for older qualification testamurs (certificates) and transcripts may take longer than standard processing times. Please email us before ordering an older transcript or replacement certificate (testamur).
  • Processing of Replacement Certificate (Testamur) – please allow around 2-3 weeks (or more)  from receipt of payment plus courier delivery time. If an archive search is required, the processing time will be longer. Please note that processing historic records may take longer, around 20-30 days.