ALLY Network

The ALLY Network is made up of gay, straight, cis and diverse gendered staff and students who support building an inclusive working and learning environment for all.

We stand for diversity and inclusion on and off campus and in 2012, Unitec joined the Trans-Tasman ALLY Network, supported by Queer @ Unitec. 

Being the only Aotearoa/New Zealand tertiary institution of 33 Australasian universities, we strive to ensure all students and staff feel valued, respected and connected by creating an environment that values diverse sexualities and genders.

ALLY workshops

ALLY workshops are run throughout the year and are open to all students and staff.  

The one-day ALLY workshop draws on personal experiences to raise consciousness about issues around gender and sexuality. The aim of these workshops are to develop skills and understanding of how to be truly inclusive.

What is the role of an Ally?

After attending an ALLY workshop, participants can choose to become an ALLY by making a commitment to the following:

  • Publicly identify themselves as an ALLY with an electronic ALLY signoff and a door sign
  • Help to raise awareness of DSG issues (Diverse Sexualities & Genders)
  • Initiate conversations to challenge gendernormativity and heternonormativity on campus
  • Become an advocate for the network and the importance of its place within Unitec