What is an apprenticeship?

Skilled tradespeople are much sought-after throughout New Zealand, and an apprenticeship is a great way to get started in this booming industry.

An apprenticeship is a commitment between an apprentice (the student), Unitec (the trainer) and an employer (the mentor). When you undertake an apprenticeship, you'll combine study with practical work experience. You'll need to complete a set number of hours of theory and practice to become qualified and registered in your trade.

Because employers need staff who can apply a variety of solutions to often complex situations, you need to have a good understanding of maths, English, physics and science to be an apprentice in today's world.

How does Unitec train apprentices?

Unitec will prepare you for an apprenticeship or traineeship by providing the education and training you need to gain the skills for the trade. Whether you want to prepare yourself for an apprenticeship or have already entered into an apprenticeship arrangement with an employer, we offer a range of programmes that will increase your competency, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The programmes we offer are closely linked with the relevant trades industries who acknowledge the benefits of employing our graduate apprentices. You learn from industry-experienced lecturers in a supportive, structured environment on a campus that is equipped with excellent facilities to provide you with the necessary hands-on practical and theoretical training.

We can prepare you for your apprenticeship in these areas: