How do I get into an apprenticeship?

We recommend that you begin by studying the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Pre-Trade (Level 3). This programme will equip you with the necessary skills to begin working for an employer as an apprentice electrician. Most employers in the electrical industry prefer apprentices who have undertaken this pathway. Upon obtaining an apprenticeship you will be able to complete the remaining qualifications required to become a registered electrician including the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Pre-Trade (Level 3). You will then need to sit and pass examinations for the Electrician class of registration so that you can become registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board and have a current practising licence. 

How long will an apprenticeship take?

To be recognised as a registered electrician or electronics engineer you need to undertake an apprenticeship, and complete approximately four years of theory and practical work experience.

How can Unitec prepare me for an apprenticeship?

Unitec offers the following pre-apprenticeship programme to provide you with the knowledge and skills to prepare you for an apprenticeship within the electrical or electronics industries:

What if I'm already working in the industry?

If you've already started working for an employer but want to become a registered electrician, you can continue to earn while you learn and complete all NZQA courses by studying the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Level 4). You can study part-time, either at night or during the day, and complete all practical unit standards components in your workplace. Upon completion you'll be eligible to apply to the EWRB to become a registered electrician.