Research publications

At Unitec we believe that research is an integral part of what we do. Our research is applied, useful and integrated – providing real value and impact for our local community, our stakeholders and our wider industry partners. We promote research in a number of ways.

Advance Magazine

Advance magazine is published three times a year and showcases the range of research that is happening at Unitec.

Unitec Research blog

The Unitec Research blog is the digital version of our Advance magazine featuring extra content and latest research news. View the Unitec Research blog.


ePress is an online publisher of peer reviewed, quality assured, academic outputs by Unitec staff, students and associates. We produce a variety of publications including conference proceedings, research reports, discussion papers, journals, specialised series, books, eMedia and monographs

Research Bank

Unitec’s Research Bank is the digital repository in which research carried out at Unitec is stored and made available to the world.

The Research Bank is administered by Unitec Library and was developed using DSpace, an open source software platform. The contents of the repository are listed on the National Library of New Zealand's Kiwi Research Information Service (KRIS).

To access Research Bank visit

Unitec's Research and Enterprise Strategy

Our Research and Enterprise Strategy 2015 - 2020 provides a broad strategic rationale, direction and focus for research activity at Unitec.

The goal of the strategy is to:

  • Provide the framework for future research and enterprise activity at Unitec
  • Articulate where emphasis on research and enterprise should be placed at an institutional level
  • Identify key deliverables and actions required to meet Unitec’s research and enterprise goals
  • Define the unique contribution that Unitec research ill make to iwi, community and industry.