Masters Scholarships

We have eight Masters programmes in a range of disciplines.

Bold Innovators Scholarships

Are you a Unitec student about to graduate, with a start-up idea or innovation concept?

This is a contestable scholarship for fresh graduates who have a bright idea for a business, service or product of any kind. The scholarship involves a stipend, somewhere to work, library, computer, workshop and facility access, business planning, IP and commercialisation advice, networking support, kaitiakitanga and comms.

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Industry Research Scholarships

We can assign a Masters student to do a significant research project with your business or organisation.

With a bit of planning, and by using scholarships to encourage students, substantive projects can be undertaken to mutual benefit. This can be beneficial for an organisation or company because the background work for an innovation or business opportunity can be undertaken, a potential employee can be engaged with no obligation, and your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our website. This can be great for the student also because they get real-world experience and a foot in the door.

One way this can be done is by directly funding a scholarship and we will even consider subsidising this from our own scholarship programme. Another is by applying for government support through a Callaghan Innovation Student Grant or Research and Development Fellowship.

Both processes take more time and planning than a voucher project for example, but can also be very rewarding over time, for all parties. Talk to us to find out more about our Industry Research Scholarships.

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