Our Research Voucher program

The Research Voucher program provides subsidies to make contracting academic research affordable for anyone, including start-up companies, charitable organisations, and small and medium enterprises.

We run this scheme in conjunction with other New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs). The range of services we offer leverages expert researchers on the incredibly diverse range of education and training courses that we offer. As examples, we’ve done market research for a language learning business, web development and business plans for an urban marae, tested architectural bird repellent for an ecological chemicals firm, written a white paper on cybersecurity for an insurance company and undertaken impact a small or medium enterprise may have on a rural health scheme.

We know that for many research and development, especially planning or cultivating the innovation in your organisation to succeed just ends up in the “too hard basket”. Either pressing day-to-day business needs get in the way of innovative projects or the specific know-how might be missing. To discuss the options available send Gregor Steinhorn an email.

Research Consultation

Unitec engages in a wide range of research & enterprise – as varied as the vocational and applied learning programmes at Unitec. We offer consultation services in many of these areas.
Unitec’s transformation has realigned our programmes of learning to be closer to the needs of industry, and our research underpins and supports this.
Unitec’s professionals are leaders in their field. If your business could benefit from expert assistance, along with the application of the latest research, our staff can help.
We have experience in delivering consulting services to organisations and companies both within New Zealand and internationally – from the wider Pacific to the Middle East. This world-class expertise covers a wide range of topics:
  • Applied Molecular Solutions
  • Vocational Research
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environmental research solutions
  • Indigenous and kaupapa Maori research 
  • Engineering
  • Education and Teacher Training
  • Construction and Site Management
  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Leadership
  • And much more!
To find out more, get in touch. We’re happy to talk through the ways we can help your business.
For more information, contact us.

Offering an industry research scholarship

Our Masters or Doctoral students could do a significant research project with your business or organisation blending academic and industry research.

With a bit of planning, along with encouraging students through research scholarships, we have the capacity for substantive projects that can have a mutual benefit of the industry partner and the student. An organisation or company can greatly profit as the background work for an innovation or business opportunity can be undertaken utilising our academic expertise and the students' research, thereby reducing research and development costs compared to in-house development.

Additionally, a student could become a potential future employee or be engaged with no further obligations, helping with your talent pipeline. The student will benefit from real-world research experience and a foot in the door of their industry. We strive for great job opportunities for every graduate - we believe that student and industry- engaged research is one of the ways to achieve that.

One way this can be done is by directly funding a scholarship, whereby Unitec will consider subsidising this from our own scholarship programme for strategically important projects. Another option is to apply for government support through a Callaghan Innovation Student Grant or Research and Development Fellowship.

Both processes take some time and planning but can be very rewarding over time, for all parties. We are keen to help you with the process. Talk to us to find out more.

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