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Come along to our Open Day and get inspired about your future, this is your chance to discover your study options and career opportunities.

Scala - Madagascar II

Scala Series: Madagascar II: The Spiny Forest

Sue presented a seminar in May of her travels to the rain forests of the east and the stone forests (Tsingy) at Bemaraha in the west of Madagascar. In this part 2 seminar she will head to the dry south with its spiny forests, home to greater biodiversity and more extreme adaptations than any other Malagasy environment. In these inhospitable places live strange plants and animals, eg.

Scala Series: 5 continents: 5 gardens

by Andy Hamilton, Landscape Architect, Andy Hamilton Studio.

Andy Hamilton is an Auckland-based Landscape Architect (a former student of Unitec) who is the director of his own studio. The practice has urban and rural projects around New Zealand as well as a number of international projects.

Scala - Andy Hamilton

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Real life experience prepares our students for a change in career

The group, run by fourth year students Noa Pitovao (40) and Haydn Smith (37), has been meeting weekly for the past year. As they point out, Social Work and Community Development are fields that ten to be female-dominated, but there is a need and demand for more male social workers.

“I don’t even know my own father,” says Haydn. “There are a lot of kids out there who don’t have a male role model in their life, so getting more men into social work has to be a positive thing.”

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