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Explore your study options in Creative Industries

Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Practice

Are you passionate about creativity and cultural expression? Do you want to work in a highly flexible studio or do you want to learn while you’re at work? This programme offers you the space to be part of a multi-disciplinary creative studio team and learn from leading industry educators, artists and designers. 

60 (0.5 EFTS)
Mt Albert
Start dates
February or July
Six months full-time or one year part-time

Programme overview

This programme offers two different work streams: Professional Development or Creative Labs.

The Professional Development work stream is designed for school teachers of creative subjects who want to update, extend and apply their existing academic, practical and creative skills. The focus is self-criticism and reflection skills, classroom and curriculum innovation, enhancing professional practice and career development. It consists of a 60 credit work-based review of learning that takes place primarily on site. This means that you engage and participate in critical reflection, design thinking workshops, regular community of practice group meetings, and produce a learning portfolio for formative and summative evaluation.

The Creative Labs work stream provides opportunities for practicing creatives such as artists, designers, photographers, animators, educators, performers, directors and producers to extend and apply their existing practical, creative and collaborative skills in interdisciplinary studio environments, with a focus on enhancing creative practice and career development/change. It consists of a 60 credit project course that takes place in Unitec’s photography, art, design, performance and media facilities and studios and/or in industry and community settings. Creative practitioners engage with staff and peers in studio critiques, and work towards an exhibition, publication or live event that contributes to the cultural life of the campus and city.


  • Create a body of new work, improve your job opportunities, and refresh or reorient your profession.
  • Develop critical self-reflection, creative thinking and research skills in order to take your practice to a new level.
  • Work in an evolving multi-disciplinary environment with exposure to a wide range of approaches, practices, and theories.
  • Ease your transition into a workplace that requires collaborative skills and cross-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Improve your communication skills through studio critiques and written components.
  • Learn from and engage with supervisors that include notable artists, designers, and educators.

Where to from here

Graduates of the Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Practice have the option of progressing and cross crediting into the highly sought after Master of Creative Practice.

Admission requirements

For this programme, you will need the following:

1. A Bachelor’s degree in the same or similar discipline; OR
2. A Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated discipline with a minimum of two years’ appropriate work experience AND demonstrate an ability to succeed in the programme by providing:

  • Recommendations from employers or professional colleagues; and
  • Evidence of outcomes in the discipline work environment.

3. 8 credits at NCEA Level 2 in English (4 in reading, 4 in writing)
4. If English is your second language, you are required to have one or more of the following:

  • Have achieved NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand University entrance
  • Be able to provide evidence you satisfy our criteria for existing English proficiency
  • Have achieved at least one English proficiency outcome in the last two years

Don’t meet the requirements? We also accept:

  • Provide sufficient evidence to be eligible for special admission.

For more information download the programme regulations:

Programme Regulations

Courses and timetables

For more details on the courses including timetables, please click on the course names below.

Courses Credits Aim
Creative Practice Project (ICIB8005) 30 credits (0.25 EFTS) To critically analyse creative practice as both a process and an outcome. This course allows participants to devise and conduct a small creative practice based research project that demonstrates intellectual independence and analytical rigour within a framework of information and principles related to contemporary creative industry practice. This course is designed to enable participants to explore their creativity in a practice based learning environment.
Professional Research Project (ICIB8061) 30 credits (0.25 EFTS) To enable students to undertake negotiated learning in a practice based work environment. Students will employ a range of vocational, research and critical skills that are contextually, culturally and politically relevant to the emergent creative practitioner. This course allows students to participate in an internship/industry placement in a work based setting or undertake a piece of action research reflecting their own practice in the arts organisation in which they are employed
Comparative Critical Reading (ICIB8071) 15 credits (0.125 EFTS) To analyse critical and theoretical dimensions, key principles and approaches for a specialist area of creative arts practice through the comparative critical reading of selected texts (written word, oral presentations, creative works and researched essays, etc.). This course is designed to challenge existing ideas about creative practice by surveying the landscape of contemporary theory and to enable the positioning of those ideas into the students personal frame of practice.
Research in the Creative Industries (ICIB8072) 15 credits (0.125 EFTS) To provide both a documentation and record of understanding of research methodological practice for collaborative creative arts practice, which incorporates a demonstrated understanding of the theories and methodologies of key practitioners/theorists associated with a specialist study area. This course is designed to enable students with a methodological foundation with which to design, implement, and analyse research projects in a variety of contexts.
Negotiated Study (ICIB8906) 15 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable a student to pursue an individualised course of study of particular interest, and which is empathetic with the aims of the programme and will contribute to the graduate profile. The course content may comprise of an agreed selection of the Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses offered as part of the Specialist Electives for this programme, or may contain other negotiated outcomes.