What is the Compulsory Student Services Fee?

The Compulsory Student Services fee (CSSF) is the fee paid by an enrolled student, a levy that gives students access to support services that assist and enhance their experience while studying with us. 

All students, except distance and exchange students, must pay the Compulsory Student Services fee and can borrow the amount against their student loan.

The CSSF fee is invoiced at the same time as your tuition fees and is displayed as ‘Student Services Fee’ on your invoice.

What student services does it fund?

The CSSF fee contributes* to the provision of the following student services at Unitec:

Advocacy and legal advice

Student Advocates;
Student Voice: Student Council and Representation; 
Student Complaints Resolution

Careers information, advice and guidance

Student Careers Centre

Counselling services

Counselling Service; Multi-faith Chaplaincy; Student Support Advisors; Pastoral support through Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae and Pacific Centre

Employment information

Student Job Search

Financial support and advice

Student Hardship Support

Health services

Student Health Service


Student Communications and Student Media

Childcare services

Unitec Early Learning Centre

Clubs and societies

Clubs and Sports activities; Student initiated events (Student Council)

Sports, recreation and cultural activities

Student Events held throughout the year

Information about these services can be found on the Current Students section of our website.  

You can also view our latest annual report on how the money was spent, visit our Annual Report page

* Note: each year the funding from CSSF is supplemented by additional funding by Unitec to meet the costs to provide these services.

How much is the CSSF?

The CSSF will be charged at NZ $3.06 per credit. For a programme of study made up of 120 credits, the Student Services fee would be approximately NZ $367.2 (incl GST).

How is the CSSF determined?

The CSSF is reviewed each year and a report provided to the Student Council to show the ways in which the services funded by the fees have contributed to student outcomes particularly success and retention. In determining the proposed CSFF for each year Unitec considers:

  • The value and impact of the services for students and their achievement
  • Student feedback about the services from a range of surveys conducted across each year
  • Feedback to individual service teams

This information is provided to the Student Council so that they can consult with student representatives and the wider student body to provide feedback on the level of the fees proposed, their priorities for service provision and feedback on how the services should be provided and procured (i.e. who they should be delivered by). Once this feedback is received and considered the fee is then set for the next year. The Student Council will invite students to provide feedback on the CSSF in August of each year.  This will support a review, and potential reset, of the CSSF.  A recommendation paper will be submitted jointly from Student Success and the Student Council to the Commissioner in September. 

Have your say on the CSSF

As a student, if you wish to provide feedback, or want more information, connect with your Student President.

Visit the Student Voice page  For more information about your Student Council. 

Feedback about our services

We encourage feedback on the quality and provision of our services. If you have concerns, or ideas about how the services might be improved please send these through to us.