Summer School 2021/2022 Courses

We've got a number of courses in a variety of fields, so there is bound to be something that interests you. We recommend that you only enrol in one Summer School course as they use an accelerated format and require a high level of self-directed study. Browse our summer school courses by study area below. 


Negotiated Study (Class: 9028)
To explore the student’s chosen topic in the discipline or practice of architecture, in a supervised 15-credit study at Level 7.

Design Studio 1B (Sem B, Class: 9029)
To introduce a selection of the main concepts and parameters governing architectural design, through the exploration and resolution of simple architectural propositions.

Animal Welfare and Management

Companion Animal Industry and Care (Sem B) (NSCI3775-SB, class: 9007)
To enable students to develop a theoretical and applied knowledge of husbandry of a range of companion animal species within an animal facility.

Introduction to Companion Animal Biology (NSCI3785, class: 9008)
This course examines the basic biology, structure and function of companion animals as it relates to their day-to-day care.

Work Place Practices (Sem B)(NSCI3795-SB, class: 9009)
To enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to work place practices in animal facilities.

Computing and Information Technology

Ethical Hacking and Testing (HTCS6705, class number: 9027)
This course analyses and applies different methods to perform hacking ethically and implement security mechanisms to protect organisation’s information system.


Fees-Free Study

Domestic students may be able to study fees-free. Find out if your eligible.

How to Enrol in Summer School

Already a Unitec student? It's easy,  just re-enrol on the Student Portal. If you're an International student, you also need to email for your Offer Letter (this can take up to 3 days processing time).

New to Unitec? If you are not studying at Unitec you can still enrol in Summer School, all you need to do is apply to do a course online as a Certificate of Proficiency (COP).

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