Summer School 2021/2022 Courses

We've got a number of courses in a variety of fields, so there is bound to be something that interests you. We recommend that you only enrol in one Summer School course as they use an accelerated format and require a high level of self-directed study. Browse our summer school courses by study area below. 

Creative Industries

Integrated Project (ICIB6002, class number: 9030)
This course will provide students with an opportunity to integrate and synthesize complex generalist and specialist learning within a creative enterprise project. This course aggregates the diverse learning from general and elective components to contextualize both individual and collaborative contribution to creative enterprise projects.

Storyworlds (ICIB5202, class number: 9029)
This course aims to enable you to explore and develop storyworlds which contribute to expanding the impact of story ideas across the full range of media landscapes. This course charts the progress of story across multiple platforms.

The Enterprising Professional (ICIB5402, class number: 9028)
This course enables you to employ enterprising approaches to the creative process, to allow you to innovate systematically and turn ideas into potential business concepts. The course focuses on establishing a personal approach to the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set, the ethics of work and associated creative enterprise specific professional practices.

Animal Welfare and Management

Companion Animal Industry and Care (Sem B) (NSCI3775-SB, class: 9002)
To enable students to develop a theoretical and applied knowledge of husbandry of a range of companion animal species within an animal facility.

Introduction to Companion Animal Biology (NSCI3785, class: 6383)
This course examines the basic biology, structure and function of companion animals as it relates to their day-to-day care.

Work Place Practices (Sem B)(NSCI3795-SB, class: 9004)
To enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to work place practices in animal facilities.

Bridging Education

Human Biology for Healthcare (BEHC4403, class: 9037)
This course introduces pathway-related concepts related to human biology and healthcare as well as developing relevant academic skills in order to prepare students for further study in their chosen specialty.

Bioscience 4 (BPED4004, class: 9038)
This course aims to develop students theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental biological concepts as well as to improve vocabulary, problem solving, and use of scientific processes needed for further academic study.

Maths Algebra(FSTU3914, class: 9034)
To enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to work place practices in animal facilities.

Computing and Information Technology

Ethical Hacking and Testing (HTCS6705, class number: 9027)
This course analyses and applies different methods to perform hacking ethically and implement security mechanisms to protect organisation’s information system.

Fees-Free Study

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