Summer School 2018/2019 

We've got over 40 courses in a number of fields, so there is bound to be something that interests you. We recommend that you only enrol in one Summer School course as they use an accelerated format and require a high level of self-directed study. Browse our summer school courses by study area below. 

Accounting and Finance

Advanced Financial Accounting (ACTY7201, class number: 9046)
In this course you'll learn to critically examine accounting theories, current financial accounting issues and apply advanced financial accounting techniques.

Taxation (ACTY6210, class number: 9045)
This course aims to introduce you to the fundamental tax principles and be able to apply them to entities in the New Zealand environment.

Animal Health and Welfare

Companion Animal Industry and Care Sem-B (NSCI3775-SB, class number: 9034)
This course aims to develop your theoretical and applied knowledge of husbandry of a range of companion animal species within an animal facility.

Introduction to Companion Animal Biology Sem-B (NSCI3785-SB, class number: 9035)
In this course you will examine the basic biology, structure and function of companion animals as it relates to their day-to-day care.

Work Place Practices SemB (NSCI3795-SB, class number: 9036)
This course aims to enable you to apply theoretical knowledge to work place practices in animal facilities.

Pacific Vet Nursing Practicum (NSCI6747, class number: 9020)
The aim of this course is to enable you to reflect on and apply the skills, theoretical and practical knowledge gained during your field trip, and to develop your inter-personal skills in a challenging work-based environment.

Automotive Engineering

Technology Project (APPT6212, class number: 9042)
This course aims to enable you to negotiate and fulfil a contract that promotes a solution to a technological problem within their area of trade specialisation, while demonstrating the interrelationship between the core principles of sustainability and technical skills

Bridging Education (Preparing for Study)

Human Bioscience (FSTU214003, class number: 9048) 
This course will provide you with an introduction to the core concepts in human biology and basic physiology.


Cyber Security Principles (HTCS5700, class number: 9060)
This course introduces you to the fundamental principles of cyber security needed for employment in entry-level roles within the cybersecurity field

Hardware Technology (ISCG6400, class number: 9054)
This course will provide you with technical knowledge of a wide range of computers and peripheral devices, covering installation, configuring, upgrading and troubleshooting.

Help Desk (ISCG6412, class number: 9058)
In this course you will practice the techniques for working in a first level system support role.

Introduction to Databases (ISCG5423, class number: 9052)
This course will provide you with an introduction to database systems.

Java Enterprise Programming (ISCG7425, class number: 9059)
In this course you will critically review the concepts of enterprise component based programming with the Java programming language. You will comprehensively examine a range of enterprise technologies and frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, Struts and Java beans. The subject will also cover RMI and socket programming, and the development of a graphical user interface using the Java Swing library.

Network Administration Support (ISCG6402, class number: 9055)
This course will provide you with an insight into various local area network configurations.

Network Operating Systems Management (ISCG6403, class number: 9056)
This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to install, manage and maintain small Linux networks.

Networking Fundamentals (ISCG5403, class number: 9049)
This course will provide you with a good working knowledge of the concepts of Networking and Data Communications fundamentals.

Professional Skills for IT Practitioners (ISCG5430, class number: 9053)
This course aims to develop your professional competencies using relevant Information Technology (IT) software to enhance your interpersonal and research skills in creating, retrieving, using and disseminating information in a range of settings.

Programming Fundamentals (ISCG5420, class number: 9050)
This course will introduce you to the basic principles of designing and developing small computer programs within the context of programming language.

Programming Principle and Practice (ISCG5421, class number: 9051)
Advance your knowledge of programming beyond an introductory level, in the context of a programming language.

Project Management Methodology (ISCG7411, class number: 9021)
This course provides you with a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of the application of Project Management Principles, Themes, Processes and Techniques

Project Planning and Control (ISCG6411, class number: 9057)
This course provides you with a knowledge of the requirements of project planning by using project management techniques and tools, monitoring and controlling projects, using project management software, and applying reviewing techniques.

Risk Management (ISCG7412, class number: 9022)
This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of the application of a Management of Risk Framework.

Creative Industries

Creative Technologies (ICIB5301, class number: 9005)
This course aims to develop your theoretical and practical understanding of the role that technologies can play in enabling creative enterprise. This course will foster a sense of engagement with a broad range of current technologies, digital content platforms and new media associated with content creation.

Creativity and Design Fundamental (ICIB5101, class number: 9001)
This course will introduce you to the histories of, and ideas associated with, a range of approaches to design, design thinking, creativity, and creative problem solving as well as integrated creative practice. This course will provide you with the ability to work in teams in order to develop an understanding of how to creatively solve complex problems and develop user-centred solutions.

Creativity and Design practice (ICIB5102, class number: 9002)
Foster your development of methodologies, confidence and a deeper understanding of the interrelationships of creativity and design with the practices of content creation, adaptation and delivery. By the end of the project in this course, you will be able to employ the development of products, artefacts and experiences and creative thinking to move ideas from concept into development and testing.

Introduction to Story (ICIB5201, class number: 9003)
Develop your understanding of the major concepts of story and storytelling and their importance to society, to brand, to business, to design, to performance and to communication. This course introduces you to the broader concept of story via the development and modification of their own story concepts.

Professional Practices (ICIB5401, class number: 9007)
This course introduces you to the broader evaluative nature of personal professional practices and entrepreneurship. The focus is on building your capability in self-evaluation, goal setting, self-management, communication and presentation.  You’ll also be introduced to the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Storyworlds (ICIB5202, class number: 9004)
This course aims to enable you to explore and develop storyworlds which contribute to expanding the impact of story ideas across the full range of media landscapes. This course charts the progress of story across multiple platforms.

Specialist Technologies (ICIB5302, class number: 9006)
This course aims to foster your development of methodologies, confidence and a deeper understanding of the functions and interrelationships of specialist technologies and the contexts in which they are deployed. This course will allow you to explore a range of specialist technologies that will contribute to your personal area of interest in the context of creative enterprise.

The Enterprising Professional (ICIB5402, class number: 9008)
This course enables you to employ enterprising approaches to the creative process, to allow you to innovate systematically and turn ideas into potential business concepts. The course focuses on establishing a personal approach to the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set, the ethics of work and associated creative enterprise specific professional practices.


Civil Engineering Detailing and Modelling (ENGGM6005, class number: 9030)
This course aims to further develop the principals and practices of civil engineering drawing, detailing and modelling.

Engineering Fundamentals (ENGGDE4101, class number: 9023)
This course will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of a range of engineering disciplines.

Engineering Mathematics 1 (ENGGDE4102, class number: 9024)
This course aims to develop your mathematical skills, concepts and understandings in order to perform calculations and solve problems within engineering contexts.

Engineering Mathematics 1 (ENGGMG5004, class number: 9027)
This course aims to enable you to gain an understanding of general mathematical principles and equip you with appropriate engineering mathematical skills to solve engineering problems.

Professional Engineering Practice (ENGGMG7121, class number: 9032)
This course aims to enable you to critically apply knowledge and understanding of professional practice for engineers, professional engineering roles and activities and your interactions with society and the environment.

Science Maths (FSTU3911, class number: 9040)
This course aims to extend your confidence and understanding of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus to help you solve complex engineering problems.

Landscape Architecture

Designing Children’s Environments (LAND6117, class number: 1002)
This course aims to help you establish the principles and practices for design of children’s landscapes, through student collaboration.

Drawing (LAND7013, class number: 9044)
This course aims to develop your observational skills and drawing ability through rendering of architecture, landscape and the human figure.



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