In Conversation with an Environmental Engineer

Unitec lecturer introduces West Auckland high-school students to environmental engineering — including the girls

Getting to know the campus ecosystem

Unitec students and staff have played a key role in the transformation of Unitec in a variety of ways, including how the campus promotes and preserves its ecological values and...

Keep well this winter

It might not get as cold as the South Island in Auckland, but you'll still need to protect yourself from coughs and colds over winter.

A new kind of role model

“It’s like being a big brother figure on the streets”

Landscape Architecture student designs campus wetland

Unitec students across a number of disciplines have played a key role in the transformation of Unitec, both the buildings and surrounding landscape.

Students redesign their campus

Students have been taking a key role in the transformation of Unitec, by working on the design and development of the campus as part of their coursework.

Two Social Practice students, two different internships

Social work is an extremely rewarding vocation, but it can also be demanding. Unitec Bachelor of Social Practice students spend 60 days of their third year on placement as an...

Inside Story: Hats, Boots and 1950s Underwear

In a room in Unitec’s Building 06, a group of students work on the Victorian style lace up boots they’ve designed themselves and are now covering with a range of...
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