Why partner with Unitec for apprenticeships?

At Unitec, we’ve been teaching apprentices for over two decades. We work closely with the industry to develop our programmes and partner with employers long term to help ensure the success of their apprentices.

Here are some great reasons to partner with us for your apprenticeship:

  • In-person learning. We believe in-person, hands-on learning is the most effective way to learn. At Unitec, learning is supported  on campus, enabling students to gain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge to complement their on-the-job training with you.
  • High-tech learning. Your apprentice will learn in New Zealand’s most advanced trades training centre, Mataaho and via online night classes. They’ll develop skills using the latest tools and technology according to industry best practice, and bring that knowledge back to your business.
  • Expert tutors. Our trades tutors are fully qualified, highly experienced and well regarded in their trades. They’ll work closely with you and your apprentice to ensure a successful apprenticeship.
  • Full support. We don’t just stop at campus learning. We come and visit your business regularly to provide full guidance and support for both you and your apprentice. You could also contact us with any questions or any time you need support.

Employer wage subsidy for apprenticeships

From now until April 2022, the Government is paying up to $1000 a month for the first year of an apprenticeship, then up to $500 a month for the second year – for up to 20 months in total.

More details on the Apprenticeship Boost payments can be found on the Work and Income NZ website.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Investing in an apprentice is a great way to future-proof your business. It takes time, commitment and investment from you, but the benefits are huge.

  • Builds loyalty. When people feel valued, they’re more likely to work harder and stick around for longer, even after their apprenticeship has ended.
  • Creates happy customers. Engaged employees build better customer relationships, which, in turn, is great for business and your reputation.
  • Attracts good people. When you invest in your staff, you’ll attract quality staff who are motivated to better themselves – enabling you to build a pool of talented people around you.
  • Increases productivity. Skilled, hardworking employees are more productive, which creates efficiencies and streamlines your business, adding to your bottom line.
  • Reduces cost. Replacing staff is expensive, time consuming and risky. It’s much more cost effective to retain your best people than replace them.
  • Improved business operations. Training your people to your standards is critical to your business success and longer term enables succession planning to exist with staff empowerment.

In addition, you’re contributing to the economy and your community by helping to build a skilled, motivated workforce.

How a Unitec apprenticeship works?

There are three parts to an apprenticeship:

  • The apprentice – the learner.
  • You – the employer and mentor.
  • Unitec – the education provider and teacher.

You provide on-the-job training, and we provide on-campus/on-line learning. Together we’ll teach and support your apprentice to become a qualified trades professional.

It’s a long-term commitment

An apprenticeship can take between two and three years, and both you and your apprentice will need to be fully committed for that time.

During the apprenticeship, around 30 (need to update for auto) hours a week will take place at your business, and around 10 hours (need to update for auto) will take place on campus at Unitec.

You teach them on the job

As employer and mentor, you – or a person you appoint – are responsible for training and supervising your apprentice, and ensuring they get the right skills and experience to succeed in their apprenticeship.

You’ll also need to provide the tools and equipment required for the apprenticeship and organise different tasks for the apprentice to complete to meet their qualification requirements.

We can help you get these right.

We teach them practical skills and theory

Your apprentice will attend classes with us every week for around 10 hours (need to update for auto),  in the evening.

Our apprenticeship programmes are comprehensive, and your apprentice will learn just about every aspect of their trade – from practical trade skills to communication and business skills, planning and legislation.

They’ll learn both in the classroom as well as in our modern trades training centre, Mataaho.

The rewards will be worth it!

When your apprentice becomes a fully-qualified trade professional they’ll be able to work independently, sign off on jobs, take on more senior roles, and deal with customers confidently.

They’ll be a competent and qualified representative for your business – and for you, this means increased efficiency, reduced risk, and higher profitability.

How to get started?

Your apprentice could be a new employee, or someone already working for you who’s keen to get qualified.

When you have someone, and wanting to find about the course please get in touch with us on 0800 10 95 10

Your apprentice will also need to enrol themselves into an apprenticeship programme of their choice:

Once we’ve heard from both you and your apprentice we’ll take care of the rest.

Looking to train your crew?

If you have a crew already working for you and looking to up-skill, we can get help you right now.

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Need help to find an apprentice?

We may be able to help you find an apprentice. We often have a pool of trade graduates who are keen to do an apprenticeship, Kindly fill in the form by clicking on the below button and our team will be in touch with you.

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