Industry Events

How Covid-19 impacts the Unitec Industry Events?

Acknowledging the importance of setting up a platform for industry to access Unitec talent  amidst the current Covid-19 challenge,  we are now offering the option of hosting online meetings/webinars, online Q & A, which we can set up on your behalf.  The 2020 Connect Events have now been converted into Virtual Career Fairs, we can also host your organisation to deliver Virtual Recruitment Presentations or register your recruitment event dates so we can promote it to our graduates and students.

Connect Events (Virtual Career Fairs)

Promote your organisation in our virtual career fairs.  As an exhibitor or virtual booth holder, you will be able to virtually meet, greet and observe hundreds of potential employees at a given time.  Grab this opportunity to meet, greet and learn about potential employees.

2020 Connect Event (Virtual Career Fairs)

See last year's exhibitors HERE

2021 Super Fairs

The Connect Events have gone bigger.  This year Unitec have redefined these events and together with other ITPS in New Zealand will hold the New Zealand Super Fairs. Make sure to register your interest below to access not only Unitec talent but of other ITPs as well.


Register your interest here


Recruitment Presentation (Virtual Events)

Recruitment presentations provide access to targeted Unitec audiences based on your business requirements.  Through this, your business will be able to:

  • Build brand awareness by connecting you with targeted students and graduates
  • Establish your talent pipeline by building relationships with students and graduates
  • Offer mentoring and career advice to our students and graduates

Event Format

One- Hour-Session. This is a virtual recruitment presentation with Q & A 

You can decide on the content of your presentation. Ideas include:  videos, competitions, speed interviewing, talks from Unitec alumni and more.

What's included in your registration

  • Promotion (including website listing and social media post)
  • Technology support (setting up of Zoom meeting and registration)
  • Facilitation (our careers team to be present during the day to help with Q & A)
  • Inclusion of your programme in our recruitment calendar (available to all students)

These have now been converted into virtual recruitment events, register below and we'll send you more details.

Register for a recruitment presentation here

Target communications

This is a great way of promoting your graduate and internship programmes to drive additional traffic to your job listings via our Job Site or your own website.  They can also be used to promote other opportunities and events, or to remind students of approaching closing dates for graduate and internship programmes.

We can send your communications to your preferred group of students.  We are able to identify those students by discipline and year of study so please send us the subject heading, content, and your logo to ensure your messages and branding are consistent.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Industry Team on

Advertising job vacancies, internship or placement opportunities

Unitec have partnered with Prosple to enable our partner employers to display employment and placement opportunities to our students.  Click the links below to know more and to advertise opportunities.

Access the Unitec Career and Employability Directory here

Advertise opportunities here