Programme overview

This programme is no longer offered. If you have applied for this programme we will contact you to discuss your options - including alternative programmes that may suit you, in the areas of Business & Communication, Screen Arts, Acting & Technical Production. 

This programme is ideal if you want to go on to higher-level study in communication or performing and screen arts, or aren't sure exactly what area to focus on. It's also perfect for people already in employment who want to improve their personal communication and professional presentation skills. You'll specialise in one of two areas: communication or performing and screen arts.


  • Emphasis on practical skills: you could be designing an advertising campaign; participating in a panel discussion with your fellow students; creating promotional material such as press releases, print ads or posters; developing a performance piece based on a fable or myth; or making your own videos.
  • Lecturers who are eager to share their industry experience with you.
  • Access to Unitec's excellent communication studies and performing arts facilities.
  • A mix of classroom sessions, practical workshops, critique sessions, student seminars, discussions, presentations and online learning.
  • Option to take some courses on a stand-alone basis.
  • A chance to take classes in Unitec's on-campus marae, a great setting to explore Maori oratorical traditions and the role of culture in communication.

Communication focus

Develop confidence in public speaking and learn more about the communication and media industry. You'll further your professional writing skills, and your ability to communicate with different audiences, using a range of digital media as well as delivering effective professional presentations using visual, oral and written media.

Performing and screen arts focus

Become more familiar with moving images and different media technologies, the history of storytelling and effective storytelling techniques. Or focus on dance technique/practice and what happens backstage. Learn more about the communication and media industry by working on practical theatre and screen production projects.

Admission requirements

For this programme, you will need the following:

1. A minimum of 12 credits at NCEA Level 1 in two different subjects, one subject must be English
2. Be at least 16 years old by the time the programme begins
3. A minimum of 4 years secondary education
4. Required to attend an interview
5. Candidates who have English as a second language must have achieved one or more of the following:

  • Have achieved NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand University entrance
  • Be able to provide evidence you satisfy our criteria for existing English proficiency
  • Have achieved at least one English proficiency outcome in the last two years

Don’t meet these requirements? We also accept:

  • A relevant qualification at Level 2 on the NZQF or above or an equivalent qualification; or
  • Provide sufficient evidence to be eligible for special or discretionary admission.

For more information download the programme regulations:

Programme Regulations

Courses and timetables

For more details on the courses including timetables, please click on the course names below.