Part 5: My Portal

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    • My Portal (also known as

Student Portal

    • ) is a self service online ‘hub’ that give you access to many resources, services and provides links to other systems. For example:


  • My Day – This is where you will see your class timetables
  • My Inbox – This is any new email to your unitec email address
  • My Latest GradesThis will display grades as they are completed
  • My Tools – make payments, maps, forms, student voice
  • Useful Links – change enrolments, update contact details, etc
  • My News Feed – notices of news and events
    • From the Student Portal there are also links to Moodle, the Library and to

Student Self Service

    • where you can to see your final grades and update your personal information. It’s very important you ensure all your personal information is up to date especially your postal and personal email address.



      1. Go to and click on the Student Portal Quicklink or alternatively go to
      2. Click login
      3. Type in your full Unitec email address (e.g.
      4. Type in your password


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