Part 2: Campus Computer use

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Unitec Computers

Whenever you log into a Unitec PC, you will be using a Windows 10 platform. All Unitec student machines have MS Office 2016 (Access, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Word), Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox installed as standard. Other applications are only available to students who need them for their specific study needs.

Student computers are cleared of any locally stored files every night. Therefore, you cannot save files to these computer or customise the computer.  We encourage students to save course work to OneDrive in Office 365. This is a free service for the duration of your studies.

Apple MAC Devices
The Unitec MAC computers can only be accessed if your study course requires you to use them. They also have Office 2016 suite of apps.

Virtual Desktops
Virtual Desktops are available in some labs and in the common areas of Te Puna. These machines have no hard drives but give you access to the same applications as regular Unitec PC’s.

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Saving your Work

OneDrive in Office 365 is 1TB of personal storage space. Login using your unitec supplied email address (e.g. and your network password.

We recommend you save ALL your important files to OneDrive. Doing so means you can access those files from any computer with Internet access.

See here for How to Get Started with OneDrive

Unitec Network Drive
Whenever you open up File Explorer on a Unitec computer, and then select This PC, you will see the H: drive. The H drive is a space on the Unitec network which Students have read only access to. This is divided into departmental folders and may be used to provide you with access to exercises and assessments. Check with your tutor as to how much they use this.

Internet usage

Internet access is free at Unitec. Your internet usage is logged and monitored for inappropriate use.

Printing Services

To print documents whilst on campus computers you can send the print request from the application you are using. The printed document can then be retrieved from any of the printers by swiping your Student ID card card at the Printer. Students must add money to his or her ID card at the library or copy centre or at kiosks around campus (search ‘kiosks’ on the Unitec website) before they can release the printed material.

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