Getting Started

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QuickStart Guides

Below are a series of QuickStart Guides, designed to assist new students in becoming familiar with the Unitec Computing Environment.

Part 1 – Usernames and Logins
Your login name and password. 
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Part 2 – Campus Computer use
Windows 10, where to save (OneDrive@Unitec NZ in Office 365), accessing Unitec H drive (viewable only Student Share Drive) on campus, internet usage and printing services.
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Part 3 – The Unitec website
Where to find a host of useful information as well as links to the Student Portal, Library, and Moodle.
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Part 4 – Moodle
The Unitec Learning Management System (online course material). This guide includes ‘Changing your Moodle password’.
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Part 5 – Student Portal
The Student portal (also known as MyPortal) provides access to student email, OneDrive, Student Self Service, timetables, grades etc).
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Part 6 – Changing Passwords
How to change your network password.
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