Wi-Fi Network

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Unitec has Wi-Fi capability across both our campuses.  See below for instructions on how to connect. Links to guides for some devices are provided at the bottom of this page.  See also Eduroam Network

Which Network should I use?

The recommended Network for Students is:

  • Unitec E-Learn – this is for personal devices, and is compatible with most devices.

Your device will indicate how strong the Wi-Fi signal is, move to an area where the signal is stronger.  Like all Wi-Fi networks the signal can fluctuate depending on demand, so timing and proximity to classes may affect a signal, but be fine at other times.

How do I Connect?

  1. Go to the WiFi settings on your device
  2. Choose Unitec-eLearn
  3. Enter your unitec username and password when prompted (your computer login one)

Important: Devices will prompt for your new Wi-Fi password whenever you change your Unitec network password.

Connect your Phone:

If you need further assistance visit the IT Help Desk or phone 0800 275 467