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Office 365 is a software application package provided by Microsoft. It allows students access to several Microsoft Office Online applications and 1TB of cloud storage via OneDrive. It will allow you to access, create, edit and delete documents online via any device with internet access without the use of a USB flash drive or hard drive.

Office 365 offers you all the familiar applications you need to support you in your studies such as Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and Excel 2016 – anywhere, anytime, and across virtually any device.

How to Access?

There are a couple of ways to access your account:

From any device with an internet browser

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your unitec email address and password.

From the Student Portal

  1. Click on the App launcher, in the top left.
  2. Click on either Mail, Calendar or OneDrive tile to open. This opens the relevant app in your Office 365 account.
  3. Click on the App Launcher again and you can now access any of the other 365 Apps.

As a Unitec student you can download Office Apps for free on up to 5 devices, either PC, MAC, or Mobile device.

Access further information here:

Download and Installation Guide