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Study Architecture and Architectural Technology at Unitec

School of Architecture

Welcome to the School of Architecture. We’re passionate about enhancing the world around us to be smart, innovative, sustainable and inspiring. Drawing on science, history, art and modern technology we look at how we can revitalise and restore the spaces around us. Students and staff take part in collaborative projects with practising professionals and clients, including award-winning architects, urban designers and landscape architects. 

School overview

Our pathway covers Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design. Many of our highly experienced staff are established and internationally recognised practitioners and researchers. We also welcome visiting experts to create a stimulating and inspiring learning environment for staff and students alike. 

Architecture students will develop the skills to design buildings that enhance the urban environment.  They will learn how to understand urban issues, the environment, technology and about social issues that impact upon the design of buildings and cities.

Landscape Architecture students will learn how to create designs for all sorts of different landscapes. They will be shown how landscape architecture draws on various disciplines, and how this applies to everyday spaces.

Landscape and Garden Design students will learn how to design, construct and plant beautiful, functional and ecological green spaces. The course allows students to focus on the aspect of garden making that most interests them: design, construction or management.

Interior Design students work on projects for cultural and commercial spaces. They will design everything from exhibition installations, performance sets and residential interiors. Students will move into careers where they can balance technical building knowledge with artistic ideas.

All students will have the opportunity to travel overseas either through exchanges or field trips and to work on projects in a diverse range of environments.

Industry Connections
We also run the SCALA Seminar Series, a number of public lectures covering architecture, landscape design and landscape architecture with invited guests from both academic and professional backgrounds.

Our focus on building performance and the act of construction is one of the reasons we’re endorsed by the New Zealand Institute of Architects, the New Zealand Registered Architects Board and the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

We also have close connections with the landscape and design industry. Our lecturers hold executive positions in key industry organisations, and our qualifications are accredited by industry bodies including the Garden Design Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA).

Programmes and study path

Start with a programme that suits your qualifications and/or experience, then progress to a level that achieves your goals.
New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Services (Landscape Design) 4 Full-time for six months or part-time options available. Home garden designer, Garden centre salesperson, Private gardener, Home garden designer
New Zealand Diploma in Interior Design (Residential) 5 Full-time for 1 year. Part-time options available. Self-employed residential interior designer, Kitchen and bathroom designer, Junior interior designer (residential), Interior design assistant (residential), Specialist sales roles in textile, furniture, lighting, Colour consultant
New Zealand Diploma in Landscape (Design) 5 1 year full-time. 1.5 - 2 years part-time. Landscape technician, Residential landscape designer, Garden centre design consultant, Garden journalist, Landscape draftsperson, Landscape maintenance manager, Landscaper, Park, botanic or heritage garden manager, Plant consultant, Gardener
New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology 6 Full-time for two years, or part-time options available
New Zealand Diploma in Interior Design (Commercial) 6 Full-time for 1 year. Part-time options available. Junior interior designer (commercial), Commercial interior designer within a design or architectural practice, Specialist sales roles e.g. architectural representatives, Design stylist
Master of Architecture (Professional) 9 Full-time for 2 years or part-time options available Architect working in a range of settings
Master of Architecture 9 Full-time for 18 months or part-time for two-and-a-half years Architecture practitioner (senior level), Architecture lecturer (senior level)
Master of Landscape Architecture 9 Full-time for 18 months or part-time for two-and-a-half years Landscape architectural design leader, design educator and design researchers, Architect and others who wish to develop landscape architectural design capabilities.