We have a range of social media accounts across our different Schools and services.

Please see our Social Media Community Guidelines.

Name Connect with us on
Unitec Unitec Facebook   Unitec Twitter   Unitec on Instagram   Unitec LinkedIn   Unitec YouTube   
International Facebook Unitec International   Twitter Unitec International   Unitec International on Instagram   Unitec International on WeChat
Alumni Alumni LinkedIn group
Unitec Students Unitec Students   Twitter - Unitec Students
Student Council Student council on Facebook


Name Connect with us on
Copy Centre Facebook - Unitec Copy Centre   Twitter - Unitec Copy Centre
Career Centre Facebook - Unitec Career Centre
Sports Centre Facebook - Unitec Sports Centre
Maia Māori Centre   facebook icon
Pacific Centre Facebook - Unitec Copy Centre   Twitter - Unitec Copy Centre
Te Puna Ako twitter icon
Library Unitec Library   Twitter Unitec Library   YouTube - Unitec Library   Unitec Library blog
Unitec Osteopaths Clinic Unitec Osteopathy

Our subject-related social media pages 

Name Find us on
School of Applied Business Facebook - Unitec School of Applied Business
Unitec Accounting and Finance Facebook - Unitec Accounting and Finance
Unitec Civil Engineering Facebook - Unitec Civil Engineering
Unitec Electrical Engineering and Trades Facebook - Unitec Electrical Engineering and Trades
School of Architecture  Facebook - Unitec School of Architecture
Performing & Screen Arts Facebook - Unitec Performing and Screen Arts
Theatre Facebook - Unitec Theatre
Dance Facebook - Unitec Dance
Production, Design and Management Facbook - Unitec behind the scenes
Screen Arts Facebook - Unitec Screen Arts
Carpentry Facebook - Unitec Carpentry

Clubs and causes

Name Find us on
One Plant Unitec One Planet Facebook  One Planet Twitter