Teaching at Unitec

Teaching and Learning

Learning is a lifelong process; it’s in our nature to keep striving to know more. With the pace at which new technologies and ideas emerge, the way we seek knowledge is constantly changing and the way we teach needs to evolve to keep up with this. 

All of our Unitec programmes are structured around a holistic learning approach called the Living Curriculum.  The Living Curriculum is more than course content or syllabus, it is an active, dynamic process of learning that is jointly owned by students and teachers.

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Matauranga Maori

Unitec creates an open and supportive learning environment for all our students, staff and communities.  Embedding Mātauranga Māori in all of our programmes helps us achieve this, and is also one of the characteristics of the Living Curriculum.  

This is guided by our Poutama, an easy to follow and practical guide for the research and activities you can do with students and staff to introduce Mātauranga Māori into your discipline or trade. As a new teacher, the Poutama is a valuable resource for you to fulfil the unique cultural needs of your Māori students, enabling them to achieve their goals with mana.  We also have Kaihautu who will assist you with the knowledge of Mātauranga Māori and how it can be included in teaching programmes.

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Research at Unitec is applied, practical, collaborative and industry-based. You will have the opportunity to be creative and innovative, while making positive and powerful changes in our industries and communities.

As a teacher you will have four weeks professional development leave which can be used for research or other areas of interest.

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Professional Development

To ensure our teachers are equally well equipped and have their own opportunities for career progression, we developed the Practice Passport. Through this we can assist you to develop your capability in the Living Curriculum and emerging teachings.  Find out more by visting the Practice Passport information page.

We also hold an annual Teaching and Learning symposium to celebrate the teaching and research successes at Unitec.  It provides you with an opportunity to gather with the Unitec teaching and learning community to share best practices, discuss new learning and teaching techniques or theories and exchange ideas in a forum dedicated to enriching the student learning experience.  

Connections with Industry

We believe that partnerships with industry and community are vital to our success as an applied learning institution. Whether local or global, they connect our students with the world of work and add huge value to the teaching and learning experience. We want you to stay connected with industry to ensure you are keeping relevant to the changing needs and workforce requirements within industry.

Find out more about our partnerships with industry and the community by visting our Partnerships page.

To help you stay current and connected with industry we have created a framework at Unitec called The Living Job.  It supports the creation of flexibility and variety in the Unitec workforce by encouraging alternatives to working a traditional nine to five job. For example, some staff adjust their working week to fit in more time for applied research, while others take secondments to other organisations within industry, bringing their learning back to Unitec. Some of our teaching staff even run their own business part-time, allowing them to share their current experiences in the classroom. The options are endless and no two living jobs are the same.

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