It's easy to register your interest in current and future jobs at Unitec. We've outlined the registration and job application process below, together with some useful interview tips to help you prepare for a positive interview experience.

Registering your interest

How can I apply for a job that is being advertised? 
If you’re a first time applicant applying for a Unitec job online, you’ll be taken to a quick registration web form. Here you'll create a unique user account on our Careers platform. You'll be required to upload your CV, and select your desired location, salary range, experience level and the type of role you're looking for. You can access your user account at any time to update your profile details and resume, and track your job application status online. Please allow 5 minutes for the registration process.

Once you've registered it's quick and easy to apply for a job at Unitec. We'll ask you a number of job-related questions to help support your application. You may also want to include a cover letter with your application but this is entirely up to you.

You'll only go through this two-step process once. If you apply for any additional Unitec jobs in the future, simply click on the job's "Apply Now" button, log in to your account and complete the application form.

How can I sign up to receive future job alerts?
You can register now to be amongst the first to hear about future Unitec job opportunities. The registration is the same; where you'll be taken to a quick registration web form to create a unique user account on our Careers platform. While registering, you'll be asked to select the job categories you'd like to hear about. You can access your user account at any time to update your profile details or unsubscribe from job alerts.

Take five minutes now to register and automatically receive relevant job alerts via email.

Will I automatically be considered for other positions if I am registered?
Registering on the Unitec career site doesn't automatically mean that you’ll be considered for other suitable roles. Instead, you will need to apply for specific roles which you feel could suit your skills on the Unitec career site.

Application Process

Once you've applied for a Unitec job online, you'll receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. Please take note of the job's close date, as this will give you an indication of when you will next hear from us. This gives our recruitment team time to review all applications against the specific job criteria and requirements.

What happens after I submit my application?

When you hit the apply button you’ll receive an automatic email response confirming receipt of your application. If selected to progress to the next stage,you’ll hear from our recruitment team within two weeks of the position closing date. You’ll have an initial conversation with one of our Recruitment Business Partners to discuss your experience and the position in further detail. This is an opportunity for you to talk about your relevant skills and experience in more detail, and to learn more about the job and what it’s like to work for Unitec. If successful at this stage you’ll be invited for a formal interview with our selected interview panel. Dependent on the job you may have one or two face-to-face interviews. In the meantime, see our interview tips to help you prepare for an interview at Unitec.

What are the next steps after the interview?
If we feel you may be right for the role, we'll move on to reference checking and other pre-employment checks.

If all goes well, we'll offer you the job. Once you’ve accepted we'll agree on a start date and your Unitec career will be underway!

Of course, your first job at Unitec is just a starting point. We encourage you to find out what our staff say about Unitec.

Who should I address my cover letter to?
Your application will be reviewed by different people during different steps of the recruitment process. Therefore it is best to address your letter to: “To whom it may concern”, unless the hiring manager is specifically mentioned within the job advert.

Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?
Yes, you can apply for more than one job at the same time.

What time of the day do the applications close?
You’ll need to look at the time on the specific job advert, the time of closing will be listed there if applicable. There can be exceptions, so feel free to contact us and ask.

Why didn’t I get a confirmation email when I applied?
Your application may not have been submitted. To confirm this, log in to your profile and look up your application. If you have a draft application in process you need to either complete or delete this application to move forward with another application.

Can I amend my application/profile after I’ve applied?
Yes, you can amend your application up until the application close date. When you first register/create a profile, you create a username and password. You can always log in to your profile again using these logins.
Once the job close date has passed you will not be able to update your original application documents. If you need to update your application after the closing date, please contact the recruitment team on

How soon will I be informed of the outcome of my application?
After the closing date we'll carefully review your application to establish whether your experience and qualifications are a match for the role. We'll contact all applicants once we've completed our initial screening process to confirm individual outcomes and the next steps in the process. In most cases we will try to contact you within 2 weeks of the job closing.

How do I check the status of my application?
Once you've applied for a particular role, you'll be able to track the progress of your application from the “Previous applications” tab in the “My Career” section.

What should I do if I have technical problems with my online application?
Please contact the technical support team at Snaphire,

Why was my application unsuccessful?
Due to the number of quality applications received, hiring managers are usually able to closely match their requirements to the candidates’ skills and experience. As such, in some cases even applicants with relevant experience are not considered for interview.

Do you accept job applications from overseas applicants?
Absolutely! We accept applications from all around the world. We always try to invite candidates for an interview in person but if this is not possible we also have a video interview option. Unitec is also an accredited employer with Immigration NZ. This means that if we offer you full-time, skilled employment we can assist your visa application (pending you meet all of the position and immigration criteria). You can find out further information by contacting Immigration New Zealand.

Other questions you may have

I forgot my username and/or password, what should I do?
The login/registration screen has a “Forgot password” button. Click on this and enter the email ID you used for registration. Once submitted you will receive a system-generated email with your new password.

How do I report a change in my personal contact information after the job closing date?
You can change your personal contact information by logging in to the system using your original email address and the password that you used when you first registered. Once logged in you will have the opportunity to change your contact information.

What benefits will I get from working at Unitec?
Staff at Unitec are entitled to exclusive staff benefits.

Will I have to complete any assessment during the process?
This will depend on the assessment criteria set for the role you have applied for. If you are required to complete a specific assessment during the recruitment process, the Recruitment Team will get in touch with you and explain the details.

Can I send details of a Unitec job to a friend?
Of course! Just next to the “Apply now!” button is a link where you can refer this job to a friend. You can also share this job via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ by clicking on the logo at the bottom of the job ad. 

What is Expression of Interest? What is expected out of me?
Expression of interest is a broad term used to cast a wide net to find a certain type of candidate. Typically when we have a number of positions to fill, we will advertise for Expressions of Interest in a role, especially where we are looking for a range of skills. It is a way for us to create a network of interested parties to contact in the future for upcoming positions. 

I already work for Unitec, can I apply for another job through this website?
Sure, if you have worked for Unitec before or are currently a staff member, you can apply for open vacancies online, using the Unitec website just like external candidates do. The online application process will give you the opportunity to indicate whether you have worked for Unitec before. In an ideal world you would discuss this career opportunity with your current manager and get their approval. We also understand that there are times when you might want your application kept confidential so please let us know if this is the case.