Mātauranga Māori electives

Mātauranga Māori Electives explore the many layers of Māori culture.

Learn more about te reo Māori (the Māori Language), the protocols of a marae, Māori philosophy and cosmology, and arts such as tā moko (tattooing) and raranga (weaving). Whakawhānuitia ōu wawata – broaden your horizons.

Current Unitec students can complete Mātauranga Māori electives as part of a certificate, diploma or degree programme. Each elective is offered at level 5 and is worth 15 credits.

Te reo Māori – Tahi (beginner)

Course code MAOR5060 - FREE

This course offers an introduction to the basic language structures and vocabulary at a communicative level. It focuses on vowels, consonants, diphthongs, blends and the correct pronunciation of Māori.

Te reo Māori – Rua (intermediate)

Course code MAOR5010 - FREE

This course offers an extension of language acquisition and the cultural understanding to enable you to feel comfortable in a Māori environment.

Understanding te ao Māori

Course code MAOR5050

Gain insight into Māori history and the world of Māori, and look at the impact of change on Māori culture and society.

Toi Māori (Māori arts)

Course code MAOR5030

Ideal for students who are studying for the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts, you will broaden your knowledge of whakairo (carving), raranga (weaving), tā moko (tattooing) taonga puoro (musical instruments), and your knowledge of contemporary Māori artists.