Student Reps

Student Council and Class Reps are the helping hand for Unitec students to improve their life at Unitec, talk to them about your studying obstacles, things you like, and those you think can be improved about Unitec.

Student Council

The Student Council, chaired by the Student President, is the elected representative of Unitec students.

The Council speaks to Unitec staff and services, government and media for students and their interests. The role of the Student Council is to improve students’ lives and experiences at Unitec by communicating and collaborating with the management and services of Unitec. The Student Council, particularly the Student President, is your contact point for any support, concerns or ideas you have about student life at Unitec. Elections for the Student President are run in the second half of the second semester.  The Council then meets regularly and members undertake continuous professional development to equip them to be effective advocates for you.


Student President

The Student President chairs the Student Council and speaks on behalf of students to Unitec, to the government, and to the media.

Māori Rep

This student will speak on behalf of Māori students at Unitec. The Māori Rep will be a student member of Rūnanga and other relevant groups.

Pacific Rep

This student will speak on behalf of Pacific students at Unitec. The Pacific Rep will be a student member of Fono and other relevant groups.

International Rep

This student will speak on behalf of International students at Unitec. The International Rep will maintain a relationship with the International Office and other relevant groups.

Waitākere Rep

This student will speak on behalf of students studying at the Waitākere campus. The Waitākere Rep will be based at Waitākere.

General Reps

There are two positions for the General Rep and these students take an active part in all Council activities. They will sit on Unitec’s committees and boards and represent the interests of students.

Class Reps

Class Reps act as a voice for students and work as liaisons between their classmates, Student Council and staff at Unitec. They have an important role which makes a big difference to day-to-day student life. In particular Student Reps can help with a range of issues within a programme and can give student opinion to the lecturer or the programme committee to ensure that the education you are getting is of top quality. Nominations for Class Reps are sought at the beginning of each semester. All the Reps undergo training with the Student Council. During the year the Reps attend regular meetings, help organise student social activities or events, and maintain good communication channels with classmates through Facebook, etc. You can approach your Student Rep if you have problems with staff, need help from the Student Advocates or want support from any other service. Reps can raise issues and ideas with the Student Council and be your liaison with any other groups in Unitec.


Social Media

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