Moemoea kei tua i tōnā wā

A Vision Beyond its Time

Unitec’s Te Noho Kotahitanga marae is unique in New Zealand. It is the first marae for almost a century that has been built incorporating more traditional architectural approaches; structurally it is held up by the carvings. Where possible, traditional techniques have been used to achieve the desired effects to align with modern building codes, would replace where necessary.

The marae confirms Unitec’s commitment to its partnership document (‘Te Noho Kotahitanga’), and enables Unitec to advance the aim of having a Māori dimension to its teaching and research.

Unitec’s marae is a focal point for the institute’s three campuses. It is a hub for teaching and learning about te ao Māori, a place for ceremonial and celebratory gatherings of worship, kinship and friendship, and a repository of local and historical knowledge.

The marae is located at the heart of Unitec’s Mt Albert campus, part of the original settlement area of the Ngati Awa people.



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