Booking Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae

Unitec’s stunning Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae is located at the heart of the Ōwairaka (Mt Albert) campus, view on Google maps. Facilities at the marae are available for bookings by corporate and community groups.

Our helpful marae team can provide you with advice and make arrangements for all cultural requirements around pōwhiri (welcome ceremony) and mihi whakatau (official welcome speech) and talks on the wharenui (meeting house).

Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae will not be available for external bookings from 1 August 2023 to 31 January 2024.
External booking will be available again from February 2024.

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Marae facilities

You can book one, two or all three of our facilities:

Ngākau Māhaki — the wharenui (meeting house)

Ngākau Māhaki is available for pōwhiri, lectures, wananga and events. It is also available for overnight stays.

Manaaki — the wharekai (dining room)

Catering can be booked separately for functions and social events. There is no self-catering option — however, we have catering suppliers available.

Puukenga (learning spaces)

Classroom and tea and coffee-making facilities – ideal for workshops and lectures.


Booking fees

Fees vary depending on the duration of use and if you are a corporate or community group.

Key booking conditions

  • Once we receive your request we will let you know the availability or options for alternative dates. 
  • If your booking is accepted a confirmation will include:
    • confirmation and dates and times.
    • car parking details.
    • instructions for booking catering.
    • details of cleaning required.
  • Please respect our beautiful marae. Leave it as you found it (you will need to clean) and any damages will be at your expense.
  • We are an institutional marae, not a community marae, so that affects how things are run and who is responsible for different things.  
  • You will need to attend a site visit and orientation before your event date.
  • Read the full booking terms and conditions.


Schedule of fees

Corporate rate

The corporate rate applies to:

  • Businesses.
  • Government departments.
  • Tertiary eductaion providers (non-educational purposes).
  • Local or regional councils.
Duration Fee
1/2 day (up to 4 hours) $510
Full day (4-8 hours) $900
Overnight $1,240 per night
Deposit (payable at time of booking confirmation) $120
Bond for overnight use (refundable) $215


Community rate

The community rate applies to:

  • Educational purposes (Early childhood education, Kōhanga, Kura, Wharekura, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary classes).
  • Not for profit groups or organisations.
  • Kapa Haka groups.
Duration Fee
1/2 day (up to 4 hours) $225
Full day (4-8 hours) $395
Overnight $620 per night
Deposit (payable at time of booking confirmation) $120
Bond for overnight use (refundable) $215


Equipment fees

In addition to the corporate or community hire fee, equipment can be hired at the following rates:

  • Wifi access $10.
  • Large flat panel display on mobile cabinet $10.
  • Large projector screen $10.
  • Projector $10.
  • Small projector screen and projector $10. 
  • Laundry $40.


Submit a booking application

Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae will not be available for external bookings from 1 August 2023 to 31 January 2024.
External booking will be available again from February 2024.


Whakapā kōrero — Contact us

Phone: 09 892 7093

Location: Building 178, Entry 4, Carrington Road, Mt Albert, Auckland (view on Google maps).


Booking terms and conditions

1. Booking, cancellation and no shows
1.1 Bookings will be assessed once received the online booking form.
1.2 The Pou Manawa or representative will be in contact with the primary contact within 3 working days to confirm or edit booking details.
1.3 All cancellations to be advised within 5 working days in advance of the event.
1.4 If less than 48 hours notice is given for cancellation then charges relating to any costs incurred, e.g. food purchases, will be charged.
1.5 If, for reasons beyond our control, we need to cancel your event then we will try to arrange an alternative location. In this instance fees will be adjusted to reflect the new booking. If no alternative location is found, there will be no charges made.

2. Costs
2.1 The Pou Manawa or representative will provide a quote for your booking within 2 working days of finalising booking details.
2.2 Additional costs will be incurred for any of the following:
i) Any damage to buildings, equipment, and facilities hired
ii) Any extra laundry treatments required to address soiled linen or kitchen table cloths and towels
iii) Extra cleaning required
iv) Any breach of conditions resulting in a call out charge.
2.4 Breakages, missing equipment or extra cleaning requirements will be notified to the primary contact and costs will be deducted from the bond, with the balance being refunded to the organisation’s bank account number provided, as advised in the booking form. A list of costs and items will be provided to the primary contact.
2.5 Cash refunds will not be given — any refundable amount will be directed back to the supplied bank account number.

3. Care of Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae complex
3.1 No adhesives such as cellotape or blue-tack to be used to stick items to walls of the wharekai.
3.2 Cleaning equipment is supplied by the marae. It is expected that the facilities used are cleaned to the same standard as that when you arrived. Any extra cleaning requirements will be charged.
3.3 Further details of cleaning requirements can be found in the Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae Operations Manual.
3.4 Food is only permitted to be consumed in the wharekai area of both Manaaki and Puukenga (if booked).

4. Smokefree, alcohol-free and drug-free
4.1 Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae is smokefree, alcohol-free and drug-free.
4.2 Please do not consume any of these items on Unitec grounds. This includes vehicles parked on campus, Unitec grounds and buildings.

5. Noho Marae / overnight accommodation
5.1 Pillow cases and sheets can be made available for noho, this will incur additional laundry costs.
5.2 At the end of the noho, linen should be put in the laundry bags provided, and the laundry bags left close to the back exit door.
5.3 Return mattresses and pillows to the correct storage spaces.
5.4 Return the wharenui to the condition you found it. Vacuum floors and remove all rubbish to supplied bins.
5.5 Wharekai floors and kitchen area must be cleaned, swept and mopped with all excess food to be taken to homes or disposed of in the supplied bins.
5.6 All ablution areas to be swept and mopped.
5.7 Guests will supply their own blankets.
5.8 You will be charged if additional cleaning is required.

6. Wifi
6.1 A temporary password can be supplied to groups — this may incur an additional cost.

7. Further details
9.1 Full details of marae use and operations can be found in the Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae Standard Operating Procedures Booklet.
9.2 New users will be provided with an induction on the day of the booking. The Pou Manawa or representative will advise a time for the induction.