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2024 Unitec Pacific Scholarships

Unitec Pacific Scholarships were established to support our Pacific students pursue and stay in their studies at Unitec.  These scholarships recognise the success of starting a new endeavour, of completing and progressing from one programme to a new higher level programme and of continuing in a programme as a high-achieving student.

Award value: $2,000 Number available: Varies
Provider: Unitec Institute of Technology
Contact: For general queries about scholarships - email our scholarships team
For help completing a scholarship application - book an appointment with our careers team

Unitec Pacific Success Scholarships - this scholarship, is to encourage Pacific students thinking about studying at Unitec for the first time, to pursue their goals and study with Unitec. 

Unitec Pacific Progression Scholarships -  this scholarship, is to encourage Pacific students who have successfully completed their programme of study at Unitec, to continue their higher education in a new, higher level programme of study. 

Unitec Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarships - this scholarship is for high achieving Pacific learners in 240 credit or more undergraduate diploma or bachelor degree level programmes, who are motivated to make a positive difference in society.

Click on the above links for application forms or for more information about each scholarship, or contact the Scholarships Team.