We understand that things can change and you may need to withdraw from study.

We are here to help you with the withdrawal process if that’s what you need to do at this time.

We are also here to talk about options to study full or part time, change course, programmes or semesters.

Withdraw an application

If you have submitted an application, but not accepted an offer

If you have not accepted an offer of study, you can withdraw your application by logging in to your Enrolment Dashboard. When you are logged in to your Enrolment Dashboard, click on ‘Withdraw application’ (under your list of tasks). You can also contact us, and we can withdraw the application for you.

If you have accepted an offer to study, but not started studying yet

Once you have accepted an offer of study, contact us if you want to withdraw, as we will need to do this for you.

Withdraw from your programme or course

Current students wanting to withdraw completely from a programme or a course must notify us in writing or submit a Change of Enrolment form (instructions below).

International students

If you are an International student, contact an International Advisor before submitting your request. You must get your withdrawal approved by the International Support Team before submitting your request.

How to withdraw PDF instructions with pictures


How to withdraw steps

  1. Log into Student Portal using your Unitec login details.
  2. Under Useful Links in the bottom right-hand corner, select ‘Change Enrolment’.
  3. The Student Request Form page will open.
  4. Select the semester and the year for the request, eg. Semester 2, 2022.
  5. You will need to allow pop-ups for this site. Click ‘always allow pop-ups…’
  6. Click ‘Start request’.
  7. Check your details are correct and if necessary, update them (we may need to use these contact details to discuss your request with you).
  8. Select ‘Change enrolment’ from the dropdown menu.
  9. Select the class you want to drop.
  10. The system will ask you for a reason you are dropping your class – please select the most appropriate one (it won’t let you submit your request without a reason) and add any other useful information in the text box.
  11. Then click ‘Submit’. You can check the progress of your change request by returning to the student requests form.

How to withdraw from a short course

To withdraw completely from a short course, you need to contact us, and we will complete the request for you.

Refund policy

The amount Unitec will refund depends on the date of withdrawal.

When you withdraw from a programme

  • If you withdraw from the programme before the class start date you will be refunded 100% of your fees.
  • If you withdraw before the 10% date of your course you will be refunded 90% of your fees (10% is approximately two weeks of a 16-week programme).
  • If you withdraw after the 10% date of your course there will be no refund of your fees and a W (withdrawn) grade will appear on your academic record.
  • If you withdraw after 75% of the class start date there will be no refund of your fees and DNC (Did Not Complete) grade on your academic history.

When you withdraw from a short course

  • If you withdraw at least 7 calendar days before the course start date, 100% of your fees will be refunded.
  • If you withdraw less than 7 calendar days before the course start date, 90% of your fees will be refunded.
  • If you withdraw after the course starts, there is no refund of fees.

Exceptional circumstances

In a situation where a student feels that they have experienced an extenuating circumstance, there may be grounds for a refund.

Students will need to fill out an Exceptional Refund form and provide any supporting documents for review. Contact our Student Central  for further information regarding an Exceptional Refund.

Fee refund

Domestic students

If you paid fees for this course by student loan, your refund will be credited to your loan balance.

If you did not pay by student loan and the refund amount is less than $1,000, Unitec will send a cheque to the postal address we have on record for you. If you did not pay by student loan and the refund amount is greater than $1,000, you will need to provide a bank deposit slip or a bank statement and the refund will be credited into your account. Please contact Student Central in this instance.

International students

Contact the international team to discuss your change request and study options. If you are expecting a refund, you will need to obtain an international refund form from the International Support Team.

For change requests, email unitec.international@unitec.ac.nz

For visa concerns, email studentvisa@unitec.ac.nz

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Domestic students

International students