You can request to change the time of your class within the same course, to fit better with your timetable and lifestyle.

Check class is available for swap

Before trying to swap a class, check that another class is available.

Check for timetable clashes

Before requesting a change to your class time, check your timetable to avoid a clash with your other classes.

If you have a timetable clash and there is a very good reason for you to be exempted from attending classes for one of the courses (for example you are repeating a course), when you submit the request, add a note about the clash in the supporting information section of the form.

New student, not yet enrolled

If you are a new student and not yet fully enrolled and want to make changes to your application, please login to your Enrolment Dashboard and use the ‘Request an update’ button to request a change. Or you can email us at or call us on 0800 10 95 10.

Fees and StudyLink

If you want to change a class time but the course remains the same, there are no changes to your fees or credits, and you don’t need to let StudyLink know.

If your request is approved

If your change is approved, you can attend your new class as soon as you receive the approval email. The new course will be on Moodle the day after enrolment. Your name may not appear on the class register immediately.

If your request is declined

If your Change Enrolment request has been declined due to a class being full, it is very likely that Unitec have already tried adding another class without success and you will need to remain in your class.

How to request a change to your class time

This process is to change the class time within the same course.

You need to know that:

  • The form does not save your details until you submit your request.
  • You can change more than one thing, for example, change a class time and add a different course within the same request.
  • If you have already submitted a change request, you will have to wait for that request to be completed before you can submit another request.

PDF instructions with pictures

Download PDF instructions

Steps to request a class time change

  1. Log into Student Portal using your Unitec login details.
  2. Under Useful Links in the bottom right-hand corner, select ‘Change Enrolment’.
  3. The Student Request Form page will open.
  4. Select the semester and the year for the request, eg. Semester 2, 2017.
  5. You will need to allow pop-ups for this site. Click ‘always allow pop-ups…’
  6. Select ‘Change enrolment’ from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click ‘Start request’.
  8. Check your details are correct and if necessary, update them (we may need to use these contact details to discuss your request with you).
  9. Click on ‘Swap’ for the class you want to swap out of.
  10. Click ‘Find Classes’.
  11. If you recognise the new class number for the class you want to swap to, click on it. If you don’t know the number, you can do the following:
    a. Open (in a different window).
    b. Search for your programme name.
    c. Scroll down the programme page to courses and timetables.
    d. Click on the name of the course you’re swapping classes within.
    e. Find the four-digit number of the class you want to start attending.
  12. Click on ‘Review’ if you’re happy with your new class time (please double check that you don’t have any timetable clashes).
  13. The system needs a reason for why you are changing your class – please select ‘Swap’ (it won’t let you submit your request without a reason).
  14. Then click ‘Submit’

Need help? Contact us

If you’re not sure whether you can still make changes to your course or need assistance submitting a change of enrolment request, please contact us.

Domestic students

International students